Morris Recreation Center

Recent News

Group Fitness Class Cancelled

Zumba on Friday has been cancelled indefinitely.

Swim Lessons

Registration is now open at the MRC Business Desk during their hours of operation. 

Click here for more information.

Summer Rec Camp 2015

Registration is now open at the MRC Business Desk during their hours of operation. 

Click here for more information. 

Attention Students

Not taking Summer 1 or Summer 2 classes??? Your MRC membership will expire June 7th if you are not enrolled in summer 1.
If you are enrolled in summer 2 your membership will begin July 12th. 
Students only receive memberships during currently enrolled semesters/summer sessions.
Please consider purchasing a summer semester membership for $65 or an individual summer session membership for $32.50. 
Memberships may be purchased during Business Center Hours of Operation. Please call the MRC Business Center at 903-468-8128 with any questions. 

May Mini - Summer 1 and 2 

Morris Rec Center

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 6am - 9pm

Saturday 10am - 6pm

Sunday 11am - 6pm

Please be advised that due to weather conditions the Great OutRoars/Pool will be closed when necessary in order to ensure the safety of both staff and patrons. We appreciate your cooperation. 

Group Fitness Schedule Summer 2015

Download Here

Guest Parking for the Morris Rec Center

All visitors must have a parking permit when parking on campus. The Morris Recreation Center is only allowed to give out parking permits to individuals that pay for a full semester membership.
All visitors can obtain a visitor Parking Permit when parking on campus. Permits must be displayed in order to avoid a citation. Campus Recreation is not responsible for any citations given by University Police. Guest parking permits cannot be obtained at the MRC and must be done so prior to arriving.

Participant Satisfaction Survey

As part of our yearly assessments in Campus Recreation, we are asking our student participants to take a quick survey in order to improve our programs and services. We appreciate your time and good luck on finals!

Student Health 101

Don't skip the April issue of A&M-Commerce Student Health 101! Check it out for helpful articles - it's almost the last day. Share your feedback for your last chance to win $2,500 this month!


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Text: TAMUC to 40691

Grilling at the MRC and Cain

Due to University policy, a fire permit must be obtained by the Department of Safety prior to igniting one of the grills at the MRC or Cain. Please contact the Department of Safety at 903-468-3091 or visit them during regular business hours at Ferguson Social Science #137 for more details. 


Attention: Please check out the reservations page for updated information on MRC reservation policies. We will no longer accept old versions of our reservation forms. All requests must be turned in a minimum of 21 days in advance. 

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