Morris Recreation Center

Recent News

Thanksgiving Hours of Operations

Wednesday, November 26th: 6am to 9pm

Thursday, November 27th: CLOSED

Friday, November 28th: CLOSED

Saturday, November 29th: 10am to 6pm

Sunday, November 30th 11am to 6pm

Student Health 101

The newest issue of Student Health 101 is now available!
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TAMUCStudentHealth101
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SH101atTAMUC
Text: TAMUC to 40691

Group Fitness News

Sassy Sweat on Mondays from 8-9pm and Hip Hop on Wednesdays from 8-9pm have been changed to Zumba.

We apologize for any inconvenience. 

New Fall Facility Hours!

Monday through Thursday 6am to 12am
Friday 6am to 9pm
Saturday 9am to 9pm
Sunday 10am to 10pm
Please note that these begin Monday, August 25th.


All paper punch passes will expire on Dec. 1st 2014. 
We will no longer be able to accept them after that date. 

Grilling at the MRC and Cain

Due to University policy, a fire permit must be obtained by the Department of Safety prior to igniting one of the grills at the MRC or Cain. Please contact the Department of Safety at 903-468-3091 or visit them during regular business hours at Ferguson Social Science #137 for more details. 


Attention: Please check out the reservations page for updated information on MRC reservation policies. We will no longer accept old versions of our reservation forms.

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