CITE News: Office of CIO

University Community,

Effective December 2, 2013, we transitioned our Information Technology (“IT”) support functions to Columbia Advisory Group (CAG).  The CAG team will manage all of Commerce’s information technology services, including Banner, website development and support, helpdesk, e-mail, network, file and print services.  All of IT support functions will continue to be done with the current team that is based in Commerce as well as new employees to augment the current staff.

How does this affect IT support when I have a problem or question?

You won’t have to do anything differently.  Please contact the helpdesk at 903.468.6000 or for any IT needs. All IT personnel will keep their TAMUC emails and university phone numbers.

Why are we doing this?

Commerce is leading the effort to create Centers for IT Excellence within the A&M System.  These centers manage all the personnel required to support the day-to-day technology requirements for individual campuses as well as offering shared services across multiple campuses.  Commerce’s executive management recognized the need for increased spending on information technology to improve current services as well as offer additional services that are needed to support the University as it continues to grow in the future.

The Center for IT Excellence will focus on these areas initially as we grow:

  • Continue to improve reliability, business user and end-customer satisfaction with applications (including help desk support for students and employees)
  • Implement best practices in management of technology to improve business user and customer satisfaction with service
  • Provide best-in-class training and career paths for current technology staff 

Who is Columbia Advisory Group?

We selected CAG as the provider of these services because of their proven track record of helping institutions like ours improve their IT environment.  CAG fits well culturally with Commerce and the A&M System in terms of size, growth and passion for excellence.

You can read more about CAG at their website:

Tim Murphy, CIO