Concurrent Enrollment Letter

* = Required

Concurrent enrollment is when an international student enrolls in courses at A&M-Commerce and another Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) approved school during the same semester.

  • Students must enroll in the majority of their courses/credit hours at A&M-Commerce and the majority of face to face courses/hours at A&M-Commerce
  • During major semesters (fall, spring) or a student's final term the combined number of hours enrolled must add to a full course of study (minimum 12 hours undergraduate, minimum 9 hours graduate)
  • Proof of registration and completion of the course will be required by the ISSS if the student will utilize the courses/hours at another school to meet the full course of study requirement.  Documentation may be sent to  
  • Students are required by SEVP to enroll in courses at the same academic level that they are admitted to at A&M-Commerce.  Students concurrently enrolling in a course at a different academic level will be required to have their academic department/advisor email the ISSS to confirm the necessity for taking the course.  
  • During the summer semester permission is not required to concurrently enroll unless the summer is your first semester at A&M-Commerce or the summer is your final semester.  

Please provide the name and course number for all courses you will enroll in at any school other than A&M-Commerce.