Letter Request Form

* = Required

Students must provide the purpose of the verification of enrollment and the recipient if applicable.  For example, letter is for parents or bank or sponsor. Please note that verification of enrollment letters are not required or necessary to apply for a driver's license or to renew the F-1 visa.  For visa renewal students may print a copy of their unofficial transcript or or request an official transcript through their myLEO.     

Students requesting an SSN letter will need to provide an original employment letter as follows:

  • Must be on original university letterhead
  • Must have specific employment start date (not semester)
  • Must have original signature for department representative

Students approved for CPT will not need an SSN letter from the ISSS to apply for the social security number.  Students on approved CPT may take their CPT I-20, job offer letter, passport, visa, and I-94 to their local Social Security Administration Office to apply.