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To become a Safe Spaces Ally at Texas A&M University-Commerce you must attend 4 hours of training currently delivered in a variety of formats including one 4-hour, two 2-hour, and four 1-hour sessions. The sections are divided into contact and practice sessions. You do not have to take the session in any order, you simply must complete all sections during the same semester.

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** Spring 2018 Special Training session**

Safe Spaces Ally Project will offer Safe Spaces 101 (2-hour session) and Safe Spaces 102 (2-hour session) on March 28nd 5 to 7 PM and April 4    5 to 7 PM. Training will be held in the RSC Traditions for Safe Spaces 101 and for Safe Spaces 102 which will satisfy the requirements to become a Safe Spaces Ally. Completion of both sessions is required to become an ally. Refreshments are provided. Seating is limited. Registration on the Safe Spaces website is required to participate.

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