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Climbing Wall

The climbing wall is open for top roping for people who have been belay checked,  bouldering, and auto-belays available for use. 

Hours of operation:

  • Monday-Thursday: 2-9pm

    Friday-Sunday: 1-6pm

Hours will adjust starting August 24

Guide for a safe climb:

  • 10 participants maximum allowed at a time 
  • Maintain at least six feet of space at all times with people not within your family unit 
  • Belayers must use hand sanitizer or wash hands before and after belaying
  • Everyone must use hand sanitizer or wash hands before and after climbing 
  • No loose chalk allowed. You must use chalk sock or liquid chalk.
  • Chalk up on the ground.
  • Masks are required to enter the MRC and will be required to keep on while climbing.
  • Rental harnesses and shoes will be available. Like always shoes will be disinfected after each person uses them. Since the disinfectant will weaken harnesses, they will be sterilized using a quarantine process. We have 5 rotations of harnesses that will be rotated each day.
  • Cubbies at the wall are available. We ask that patrons wipe down the cubbies before and after use. Staff will also be doing regular deep cleaning of the cubbies.  
  • Additional cleaning of high touchpoints such as cubbies, auto-belay carabiners, countertops will be taking place regularly.
  • Since it is not feasible to clean the entire climbing wall in between uses it is essential that climbers practice good hand hygiene before and after climbing.