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Outdoor Adventure Center

All facilities are open

Bike maintenance procedures

  • Customers can drop bikes off on a bike rack outside of the building.  
  • An iPad will be placed near entrance for customers to fill out the required information on their bike. The iPad will be disinfected after each use. 
  • If customers need assistance staff will only help loading or unloading alone.  

Gear rental procedures 

  • Bikes, discs, sleeping bags, tents, and kayaks are available for check out.
  • An iPad will be placed near the entrance for customers to sign gear rental contracts.
  • The iPad will be disinfected after each use.
  • Staff will only help loading or unloading gear alone.
  • An isolation area outside will be set up for gear to be returned to.
  • Once the gear is returned staff will sanitize and clean before putting it away. 

Stay Active Outdoors

  • Stay at home if you feel sick
  • Maintain 6' or more physical distancing
  • Gatherings are restricted to 10 people or less.
  • Wash hands before and after activity
  • Avoid close contact activities

Trail Guide

  • Wearing masks is required if unable to maintain 6 ft distance between those not in your household. 
  • Share the trail and warn other trail users of your presence as you pass
  • Stay at home if you feel sick
  • Maintain 6' or more physical distancing
  • Wash hands before and after activity
  • Avoid close contact activities

Disc Golf Guide

  • Wearing a mask is required
  • Stay at home if you feel sick
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently and avoid touching your face
  • Maintain physical distancing of 6' or more
  • Stick to solo rounds as much as possible or keep your group size to 4 or less
  • Consider picking up "gimme" putts to minimize your contact with shared surfaces
  • Skip the high-fives and fist bumps in favor of other contactless celebrations
  • Only touch your own equipment

Challenge Course Guide

  • Outside groups that want to reserve the challenge course will be reviewed for approval on a case-by-case basis. Approval will be granted to those groups who can abide by our limits to maximum capacity and other COVID requirements, and have the purpose of team building or leadership development
  • Area maximums will be set by following state of Texas guidelines
  • Must wear face masks or face shields if 6 feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained.  
  • Hand sanitizer and hand wash stations will be available at the course 
  • Staff will additionally clean high touchpoints
  • All external to the university participants/visitor must fill out a COVID 19 Certification form 
  • High Elements  
    • Elements are limited to ones that enable participants to remain 6 feet apart from the staff at all times.  
    • Elements that will be offline are: 
      • Zipline 
      • Giant Swing  
    • Participants will each be given their own helmet and harness not be shared with any other participants.  
    • Participants will be required to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each high element 
    • Staff will demonstrate how to clip into ropes and have participants clip themselves in. Staff will double-check participants prior to using each element from 6 feet away.  
  • Low Elements 
    • Low elements will be adjusted to accommodate for distancing between participants or removed from use if unable to do so.  
    • Debriefs will occur with participants and staff spaced at least 6 feet apart from each other 
    • Low element groups sizes will follow current national and state guidelines. As of July 2020, this is 10 people. 
    • Hand sanitizer or washing will be done after elements with common touchpoints
    • Elements that can be modified:  
      • Whale Watch 
      • Nitro Swing 
      • TP Shuffle 
      • Spiders Web 
    • Elements that are offline:  
      • Islands 
      • Mohawk Walk 
      • Team wall 
      • Trust Fall 
      • Port Hole 
  • Cleaning Equipment 
    • Helmets will be disinfected after each group use 
    • Harnesses will be on a rotation system where they are in isolation for at least 3 days between uses as there are currently not approved methods for cleaning harnesses regularly.  
    • Staples, ladders, carabiners and other touchpoints on the course will be sanitized between-group uses either by washing with Virex or through rotation and quarantine of at least 3 days.