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Lockers and towels

Lockers are a great way to store and secure your belongings during your workout.  We have several types of lockers the utilize

Long Term Lockers
  • Half-size lockers – $30
  • Full-size lockers – $40
  • The timeframe of locker rental is based on your membership length:  Either a 4 month or a semester. 
  • Lockers must be renewed before expiration to avoid clean out and sale of a locker. 
  • These lockers can be purchased and renewed at the Front Desk. 
Day Use Lockers
  • Hallway Lockers - these lockers are free and patrons create their own passcode to use for the day.  See instructions on the lockers for use. Contents must be removed by the MRC closing or the contents will be taken to the front desk lost and found.
  • Locker Room Day Lockers - Free with a personal lock.  Lock and contents must be removed by the MRC closing.  If not, locks will be cut and content taken to the front desk lost and found.

Due to University Policy, all contents from non-renewed lockers will be disposed of at the 30-day mark following the end of the locker service agreement.