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RA recruitment

Monday, November 27th

  • RSC Legacy A @ 11AM & 12PM
  • Pride Rock Multipurpose Room @ 7PM

Tuesday, November 28th

  • RSC Legacy A @ 11AM & 12PM
  • Phase III Conference Room @ 7PM

Wednesday, November 29th

  • PC Lobby @ 7PM
  • New Pride Lobby @ 8PM
  • Phase II Multipurpose Room @ 9PM

Thursday, November 30th

  • Whitley 1st Floor Lobby @ 7PM
  • Smith Hall 1st Floor Lobby @ 8 PM

Please note that you will not have access to the RA Application until you have attended an info session.

Resident Assistant Application Reference Form (PDF) 

Timeline of Events

Application will become live on January 28th through StarRez (Your MyLeo account under Residential Living and Learning)
  • Application will be due by February 10th at 5:00 pm
  • February 26th through the 28th, Individual interviews and group process will happen so please free up those days. A link will be sent out to sign up for a time that works for you. Make sure to dress business casual.
  • A confirmation email will be sent that you attended an information session and will have an overview of the timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the position

What is a Resident Assistant?
The Resident Assistant (RA) is a paraprofessional staff member for the Department of Residential Living and Learning (RLL).  The RA is the closest and most vital link with the residents. Under the supervision of a Community Director, the RA will assist in community engagement, supporting student academics and wellness.  In order to accomplish this, the RA is expected to play a variety of constantly changing roles. The RA must be flexible, able to engage in 1:1 intentional conversations, be creative in meeting the residents' needs and help foster activities and opportunities that will challenge residents to become global citizens. 

You may read a copy of the current, 2014-2015 RA Agreement here.  Please note that some updates will be made for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Are the RAs allowed to leave on the weekends?
RAs are encouraged to take 1-2 weekends to go and do things they enjoy to re-energize.  RAs must work around their duty schedule and the in-service/special events calendar that is provided during RA training at the beginning of each semester.

Is the RA Class optional?

The RA class is required for all new staff.  RA Class will be offered during the Fall semester at a variety of times.  All new RAs are expected to pass the class in order to remain RAs for the Spring 2016 semester.  The RA Class is not for credit and is free.

When do I have to return for training?  When do I get to leave at the end of each semester?
The exact training dates for the Fall will be released in March, but RAs are typically expected to return 2 ½ weeks before the first day of class.  RAs typically return 1 week before the first class day in the Spring.  For closing, RAs are allowed to leave after all closing procedures have been completed.  This is typically the Sunday after commencement in the Fall and the Monday after commencement in the Spring.

Can I have another job and still be an RA?
RA’s are allowed to have a second job, but it must be pre-approved by your Community Director prior to accepting employment.  The RA cannot work more than 19 hours a week, including commute time.


Where can I find the housing application?

The housing application will be emailed to your myleo account within 24 hours of attending an info session.  By signing into an info session, you are giving Residential Living and Learning permission to check your cumulative and semester GPA to ensure that you meet the qualifications to apply for the RA position.  If you attended an info session, but do not qualify for the position due to GPA, you will receive an email stating this information.

Am I required to attend an information session?
Yes.  Every RA Candidate is required to attend an info session before the application will be opened in the Lion’s Den.

What about references?

You are required to submit two references when you arrive to your individual interview.  The reference form can be found here and up above.  One reference must be from a current RA.  The other reference must be from someone that knows your character and leadership/professional skills well.  This person should not be a family member.  The printed form should be printed, completed by your reference, placed into an envelope, and signed by the person referring you across the envelope seal.  You will then submit the envelopes at the time of your individual interview.  If you have any questions about references, please contact Jovanna Guevara at 

I know the GPA requirement is a 2.5, but I have a 2.47, can I still apply?
You must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and a 2.0 semester GPA in order to apply for the RA position.  The RA serves as an academic role model for their peers, therefore maintaining good grades is essential.

Do I apply to work in a specific building?
No.  You are applying to be an RA on campus.  Hall placement is determined by the Community Directors and is based on the needs of the building, as well as the applicant’s skill set.

Are graduate students eligible to apply?
Yes, as long as the schedule does not conflict the day-to-day duties of the RA position.

How many RA positions are available?
We hire 20-30 new RAs each year.  The number varies from year to year based on how many current RAs return to staff. 

Is there an alternate pool?
Yes, candidates will be notified in their hiring decision letter if they have been accepted for the alternate position.  Alternates could be tapped in the late Spring, summer, or midyear to fill a vacant position.

Will being an RA impact my Financial Aid package?
Every student’s financial aid package is unique.  Residential Living and Learning strongly encourages each candidate to speak with Financial Aid before accepting the RA position.

I am only going to be here for the Fall Semester, can I still apply?
No.  When an RA accepts a position, they are committing to being an RA the entire academic year. 


What should I wear to the interview process?
The individual interview process is formal, so please come dressed in the best interview attire that you can put together.  Candidates can wear nice casual clothing for the group process.

What can I do to prepare for my interview?
In order to be prepared for your interview, you need to have a clear understanding of what the position entails and how your skill set relates to the RA responsibilities.  Candidates are encouraged to speak to current RAs, attend the open house, and use the internet to learn more about the RA position.  Candidates may also consider talking to past supervisors, friends, and mentors about strengths and areas of improvement to gain a better understanding of abilities as it relates to the position.  Career Development is also an excellent resource to students wanting to prepare for interviews.

Additional Questions

Please contact the chair of the RA Hiring Committee, Samantha Lopez at