The Department of Residential Living and Learning seeks full-time tenured, tenure-track or professional-track faculty (employed for at least one academic year) to participate in the Faculty-in-Residence Program.

The Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) program increases the impact of teaching and research through residential interactions between professors and undergraduates.


Please fill out and turn in this application if you wish to apply.

* There will be an open house on February 14th from noon to 2pm for Whitley and Smith Halls *


● On-campus housing in residence halls
(includes rent, utilities, basic cable, internet,
local phone service
● Children & families welcome
● Partial meal plan 
● $1,500 programming budget for student related
● Terms are for 1 year, up to a maximum of 3
● One course release per semester (subject to
administrative approval)
● Office provided in residence hall to meet
with students