Drop and Dash

Beat the crowds, traffic, and lines! 

Move-in is day is a busy day. Due to the construction for the expansion of the new Residence Hall's it can be even more hectic.

Beat the crowds and sign up for Drop & Dash today! 

The Drop & Dash program offers a convenient way for new freshmen residents to drop off their belongings on Saturday, August 19 in their assigned room prior to the official opening day.

Opening day is a busy time and by participating in Drop & Dash, these residents and parents can lighten the burden of having to move in all of the student’s items at once. Instead parents & students can focus more on getting everything unpacked and settled in!


  1. Complete Reservation/Waiver Form by Monday, August 14th at 5 PM. You will receive an email confirmation with your scheduled drop time by Wednesday, August 16th.
  2. If you would like to pay in advance, please visit our Drop & Dash Marketplace. 
  3. Arrive at your assigned hall, at your assigned Drop & Dash time and check in at the front desk. Failure to arrive at scheduled time could result in loss of your participation in the Drop & Dash program. If you haven't paid the fee in advance or applied fees to your student account, then you will need to pay with check or credit card (with online system) when you check in at the front desk. No cash will be accepted the day of the event
  4. A housing staff member will escort you to your fall assignment and unlock the door for you to start moving your belongings in. You will have one hour.

For more information, please take a moment to read our brochure.