Aerial view of Pride Rock, Phase 2, and Phase 3

Housing Tours

Residential Living and Learning invites individuals and families to tour our housing options. All tours begin at the Morris Recreation Center and are scheduled to accommodate campus tours. Our tours include showrooms in Pride Rock, Phase 2, Whitley, and Smith. New Pride, Women's Halls, and West/Family Housing tours should be scheduled in advance.

We offer housing tours after campus tours at the following times: 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday-Friday. If you have any questions about housing, please contact us at 903-886-5797.

If you are a candidate for Honors College, Prairie Crossing is also available to view. While space is limited at Prairie Crossing, we encourage you to arrange your tour in advance with Ray Green at 903.468.3001 (only for Honors College applicants).

Opportunities for current students

Tour Guide Applications

Tour Room Applications - applications open August for the Fall Semester, and December/January for the Spring Semester