Student ListServ


Who moderates the student listserv?

Moderation of the listserv will be handled by the Rayburn Student Center. 

Which messages will be sent through to students via the listserv?

Emails that pertain to the bulk of the student population will be distributed to all students via the listserv. These email messages have been divided into two categories: Priority 1 and Priority 2. 

Which messages are considered Priority 1?

The following are Priority 1 messages: 

  • Inclement weather

  • Emergencies

  • Addresses from the University President’s office or Dean of Students’ office to students

  • Unplanned IT outages or updates

  • Campus closures 

Priority 1 messages are sent out as received, on an emergency or immediate basis.

Messages regarding inclement weather, emergencies, or campus closures will also be posted on the university’s website and social media pages. 

Which messages are considered Priority 2?

The following are Priority 2 messages:

  • Registration announcements and reminders

  • Financial aid deadlines and reminders

  • Compiled scholarship opportunities

  • University compliance

  • University initiative announcements

  • Crime reports

  • Scheduled IT outages and updates

  • State or system mandatory messages to students

  • Changes in building hours or locations 

Priority 2 messages are sent out to students in shifts—either once in the morning or afternoon. 

Scholarship opportunities, scheduled IT outages and updates, registration announcements and reminders, and financial aid deadlines will be posted on the university calendar. 

The type of message I need to send is not included above. What should I do?

Priority 3 messages include any that are not mandatory or pertinent to the majority of the student body. These include general, social, recreational, and athletic announcements. This also includes specific departmental announcements. 

Priority 3 messages may be posted on the university’s online calendar if they are announcements for upcoming events or submitted to The Roar Newsletter website  

Other Priority 3 messages—including event cancellations—may be distributed via a weekly newsletter, customized listservs, social media postings, and handouts and flyers. 

How do I unsubscribe from the students listserv?

Because the listserv is a vital method of conveying information to you, students may not permanently unsubscribe. The new tiered system for moderating messages will lessen the number of emails you receive, making it easier for you to discern which of the items in your inbox require your immediate attention and which you can prioritize for viewing later.