Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the design and production process take?

Timelines are based on a project type and will vary from each project. However, most projects require 1-2 weeks from the initial design consultation to the final print. Here is a breakdown of our timeline:

*Design Services – 5 – 7 days

This includes an initial consultation and 3-5 business days to design the first proof. 1-2 business days are required for any additional edits or changes to the design

*Print Services – 2 – 3 days

Any large scale printing, including lamination for marquees, requires 2 – 3 days to complete

*These times are approximate only; they vary depending on the complexity of your design or project and are subject to change.

 What information do I need to provide when I request/place an order?

When submitting a design or print request, please provide as much information as possible. This includes your department or student organizations name, contact person, phone number, email address, and account number (if applicable). Also, please include all information that relates to the project or design such as; date, time and location of the event, specific artwork or logos it needs to include, colors we need to incorporate, and any other information and details that will help us throughout the creative process.

How do I submit a Marquee Digital Package if I want one image but multiple prints of that image? (More than our standard 5 marquees)

If you would like to print multiple marquees of the same image, use the Marquee Digital Package drop down box and we ask that you use this conversion chart as a reference:

1 Week Digital Marquee Package= 5 Total Marquees of 1 image
2 Week Digital Marquee Package= 10 Total Marquees of 1 image
3 Week Digital Marquee Package= 15 Total Marquees of 1 image
4 Week Digital Marquee Package= 20 Total Marquees of 1 image

If you will require more than 20 total marquees of the same image, please contact the Pride Shop and we will work with you to submit your order.

What file types do you prefer?

If we need to resize or layout a file, we ask that they are either a .PDF or .JPG file and at least 300 ppi in resolution.

What are the different design service fees?

Our design service fees are applied on a project-by-project basis. If you have questions about a specific design fee please, call the Pride Shop at 903.886.5818.

Can I pay with a Pro-Card/Credit Card?

Yes! We accept credit cards, pro-cards, debit cards, cash and checks in person. REMINDER: we will not process or begin working on your order until we receive payment first.

Can I still place an order if I do not have an account number?

Unfortunately no. All orders must be placed through our online order form and it will require departments to include an account number before they can submit the order.

Can I pick out marquee locations myself?

Absolutely! Please refer to our marquee location map located on the website to see our locations. You can request specific marquee locations by calling our office or you can visit the Pride Shop in person. REMINDER: Marquee locations are reserved on a first come first served basis. Some marquee locations may not be available at the time of your request.

Do you still offer print, copy, and fax services?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer print/copy and fax services. We encourage students to use the copy and print machines located in the James Gee Library. In addition, fax services will be provided through the RSC Bookstore located on the first floor.

Will you still print large banners, displays, or cut-outs?

We will no longer print large banners, displays, cut-outs or any other large scale printing other than marquees for students, student organizations and departments.

Where can we go to get the services the Pride Shop no longer provides?

As students or departments you can go where ever you would like to receive those services. For departments, Procurement Services has delegated authority for non-standard printing at $500 and below to departments.  This effectively means that departments can use approved vendors without individual approvals by Procurement Services. If you still have questions on what vendor to choose please refer to Procurement Services list of vendors on their website and they can assist in making recommendations to meet the needs of specific types of projects.

Where can departments get standard printing? (Business cards, envelopes, etc.)

Standard Printing can be purchased with a limited purchase order (L number) or procurement card via the Standard Printing Web Portal located at

What other design services will you provide?

We will still design flyers, quarter sheets, logos, business cards, and brochures for students and student organizations only. We will only design marquees, RSC video wall, and info screen graphics for departments. Certain design service fees may apply and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Specific questions about a design service fees can be answered by calling the Pride Shop at 903.886.5818.

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