Resources for Student Organizations

Here you can find many of the resources you will need to be a valuable leader and member of your student organization. Click on the links below to access and download important resources. These are also available in your organization's ManeSync portal in the "Files" section.

Presentations On-Demand

Request a presentation for your organization here. We will come to your organization meeting a do a presentation for you on the topic that you request. This could range from a workshop to facilitate an activity.

Requests for presentations will need to be submitted at least a week in advance of meeting.

2017 Fall Training Presentations

2018 Fall Training Presentations

Important Documents

Risk Management

Student Organization Leader Resources

Student Organization Advisor Resources

Advisors are key to the success of our student organizations at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Advisors take on different responsibilities depending on the varying needs of their organizations including: mentor, team builder, motivator, role model, educator, policy interpreter, informational resource, and liaison. Below are a few resources to assist in the continued success of your student organization.