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Call for Proposals

The University College seeks faculty (employed for at least one academic year) to teach engaging, dynamic courses on topics of the instructor’s choice for first-year students enrolled in Signature Courses. These courses should highlight the faculty member’s passion for the topic and communicate knowledge on that topic for a general first-year student. Ideal Signature Courses include interactive student engagement including, for example, group projects, oral presentations, group discussion, proposals/ sales pitches, and other active, experiential learning strategies.

Signature Courses must meet the following Core Curriculum objectives:

  • In written, oral, and/or visual communication, students will communicate in a manner appropriate to audience and occasion, with an evident message and organizational structure.

  • Students will be able to analyze, evaluate, or solve problems when given a set of circumstances, data, texts, or art.

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of societal and/or civic issues.

 Learn about our current Signature Course offerings!

Signature Courses meet every M, W, and F at 10:00 AM. Signature Courses are capped at 100 students, and supplemental instructors will be available to provide support as deemed appropriate by the instructor. Students enrolled in Signature Courses will participate in “The Lionizing,” a culminating semester-end event where they will present a project from the course in the genre of the instructor’s choice. Projects will be evaluated for Institutional Effectiveness at this event.

Signature Course applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee made up of the members of University Studies Council and faculty members appointed by Faculty Senate who will evaluate the course based on:

  • the extent to which Core Curriculum Objectives for Signature Courses are met by the proposal
  • the extent to which the applicant demonstrates that the course will engage first-year students
  • an evaluation of the applicant’s teaching from his or her department head.

To apply, please send a letter of application addressing the following:

  • Name and describe the topic of the Signature Course you propose to teach.
  • Describe assignments or activities you would utilize in this course.
  • Why are you interested in teaching a Signature Course?
  • What special skills, qualities, or experiences would you bring to a Signature Course designed to help engage first-year students?
  • Do you prefer to teach a Signature Course in the Fall or Spring semester, and what informs this preference?

Include a one-paragraph description of your course. If your course is selected, this paragraph will be used in marketing efforts.

In addition, include a short letter from your department head attesting to the quality of your teaching, especially regarding your ability to engage students.

Please submit these documents via e-mail to prior to November 15, 2017, for consideration for the 2018-2019 academic year.