University Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The University Diversity and Inclusion Committee (UDIC) is a committee that strives for inclusion of the various key colleges, departments, and divisions on campus.  The committee will operate more effectively as smaller subcommittees to be determined at a later date.  The UDIC will initially meet and discuss the various make-up of subcommittees at which time the UDIC will be broken down into working subcommittees.

I. UDIC Members

II. Committee Chair(s): Chief Diversity Officer; Vice-Chair appointed at the discretion of the Chief Diversity Officer

a. Subcommittee Chairs appointed as necessary; appointed by Chair/Vice-Chair

III. Goal: In alignment with the University Strategic Planning Task Force's University Strategic Plan, develop a coordinated and comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan to enhance cultural awareness, community engagement, and institutional effectiveness for Texas A&M University-Commerce.

IV. Purpose and Responsibilities:

a. Foster programs, events, policies, and institutional strategies that are aligned with the university's mission, vision, and strategic plan to integrate diversity and inclusion

b. Identify resources that can be utilized to assist the University in achieving its goals and objectives related to diversity and inclusion

c. Assist in cultivating university-wide knowledge and awareness about diversity and inclusion

d. Identify key performance indicators to be used in the assessment of the institution's progress in meeting its goals related to diversity and inclusion

V. Meeting Requirements: Meets at minimum, twice a semester or as frequently as needed