Council Charge

  • Maximize Formula Funding: Based on your review of the institution's current funding performance vis-à-vis its weighted semester credit hour generation, identify promising areas for new program development. 
  • Investment in Marketing: Review and identify marketing strategies for existing and proposed programs which will generate positive return on investment.
  • Accountability Measures and Long-Term Enrollment Forecasting: Review the THECB Accountability Report, targeting areas of concern and recommend strategies to improve outcomes.
  • PwC Administrative Review: Consider strategies to address the PwC Administrative Review.
  • University Services Fee Allocation Model: Review the University Services Fee allocation schedule after the current 2-year budget commitment expires.
  • Per our Current Strategic Plan: Identify 1% by division of permanent funds to be redirected to instruction.
  • Develop: A priority list of initiatives requiring new funding for FY2016 based on the strategic plan.



  • Paula Hanson, Co-Chair
  • Tina Livingston, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Sal Attardo
  • Dr. Ricky Dobbs
  • Dr. Brent Donham
  • Dr. Ray Green
  • Dr. Derald Harp
  • Dr. Lavelle Hendricks
  • Dr. Arlene Horne
  • Tim McMurray
  • Tomas Aguirre
  • Linda King 
  • Dr. Tim Letzring
  • Lisa Martinez
  • Greg Mitchell
  • Dr. Sean Anderson
  • Derryle Peace
  • Erica Contreras
  • Dr. Dina Sosa
  • Donna Spinato
  • Dr. Stephen Starnes
  • Tim Willett
  • Dr. John Humphreys
  • Dr. Tara Tietjen-Smith
  • Mark Giossi
  • Marshall Campbell
  • Fred Fuentes
  • Janet Anderson
  • Barbara Corvey

Ex-Officio Members

  • Dr. Betty Block
  • Jackson Dailey - SGA President