Mayo Graveside Park

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Mayo Graveside Park

In conjunction with the celebration of Texas A&M University-Commerce's 125th anniversary, the A&M-Commerce Foundation adopted the Mayo Graveside Park project. The purpose of the project is to help provide funding for the enhancement and upkeep of Professor William Leonidas Mayo's graveside. As one of the few universities in the country to have its founding father buried on campus, it is our duty and privilege to provide a pleasant, beautiful setting for Professor Mayo's final resting place. The Mayo Graveside Park project will ensure that proper distinction is bestowed upon the site and that this area of campus is a destination for the university community, visitors and anyone wishing to pay their respect to our history.

Mayo Graveside Naming Opportunities

You can show your support of A&M-Commerce's mission of excellence with a once in a lifetime naming opportunity. This is a chance to attach your name or name of a loved one to the Mayo Graveside Park. With this gift you will create a legacy of your personal connection to our rich history.


2 large columns* $15,000
6 small columns with university names (3 left) $12,500*
6 small columns** (3 left) $10,000
1 planter (not available) $6,000**
5 steps (not available) $1,889***

*In honor of our 125th anniversary.

**The $6,000 is for the number of names our university has had (6).

***The $1,889 is for the year our university was established (1889).

Additional Opportunity: The names of all donors who give at least $125.00 will be included on a plaque.

If you would like to support the Mayo Graveside Park please visit the marketplace.