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Complaint Resolution Matrix

This matrix is provided to assist students in understanding the procedures and process for addressing common issues.  Student are encouraged to follow the formal process for complaints and concerns.  Student Concern Report form

Nature of Complaint/Appeal


Office or Contact Person


Academic Content/Record

System and university policies, as well as FERPA, establish the student's right to request a change, addition, or deletion to his/her records if the material is inaccurate or misleading.

Student Guidebook




Paige Bussell, Registrar

Molly Baur, Associate Registrar

Jessica Gossett, Assistant Registrar

  • Request must be submitted in writing, including reasons for appeal.
  • Written notification of decision is provided to the student.
  • Records are maintained in the Office of the Registrar.

 Academic Suspension

Students who fail to maintain sufficient academic progress (GPA standards) my appeal and request eligibility to re-enroll and continue classes.

Link to Procedure

Undergraduate Catalog

Graduate Catalog

A&M Webster Procedure: Undergraduate


University College

Dr. Ricky Dobbs, Dean

  • Students on academic suspension may appeal once through the dean's office.
  • That appeal can be either accepted or denied.
  • Denied students may appeal to the Undergraduate Student Suspension Appeals Committee.
  • Appellants whose appeals are accepted are permitted to register under certain conditions. Those conditions are provided to the student in written from.
  • A record of each appeal, accepted or denied, is kept in the dean's office.
  • Only students falling under University College appeal through the University College dean.

Admissions Appeal



Undergraduate Admissions

Jody Todhunter, Director

The admissions appeal process is outlined in the decision letter sent to the student. We suggest the following steps:

  • HS student is encouraged to re-take the SAT or ACT entrance exam if they are applying as a high school student.
  • Transfer students are encouraged to attend a community college to improve their transfer GPA.
  • Students can submit an essay/personal statement and two letters of recommendation. Letters should be from academic teachers/professors to speak on their academic ability.
  • The committee will consider factors such as academic performance, socio-economic status, extracurricular involvement, and performance level of high school/district or any other information that might be helpful.

Americans with Disabilities Violation

Link to Procedure

 SDRS Homepage

Student Disability Resources & Services

Rebecca Tuerk, Director

  • Whenever a student with a disability encounters what he or she believes to be institutional discrimination or harassment based upon his or her disability, the student should first seek a remedy with the appropriate university personnel who are nearest to the problem. If a solution is not achieved, the student should contact the Director of Student Disability Resources and Services. If the student is not content with the outcome after contacting the Director of Student Disability Resources and Services, the student should file a written grievance with the ADA Compliance Committee within 30 days of alleged harassment or discrimination.

Disciplinary Action or Adverse Treatment by Fellow Students or University Employees

Students who pose a complaint regarding the actions of other students or university employees may pursue information and formal procedures for resolution.

Students who receive disciplinary action as a result of unacceptable actions/conduct may appeal the decision.

Student Concerns

Student Guidebook

Assistant Vice President & Dean of Campus Life & Student Development

Robert Dotson, Assistant Dean

  • The Dean of Campus Life and Student Development Office is here to help students resolve concerns, problems, or conflicts with regards to University policies, procedures, and decisions. The office provides for a confidential and neutral place for students to come to express their concerns. Students work directly with staff members to identify steps that may be taken to achieve a timely and fair resolution to a problem. All student concerns will be acknowledged by appropriate Texas A&M University-Commerce employee within 10 business days of receiving the report form. Original request forms are retained in the Dean of Campus and Student Development Office.


  • Appeal process outlined on page 43 of the Student Guidebook


Distance Education Complaints

WEB Link

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

Student Guidebook



Paige Bussell, Registrar

Molly Baur, Assistant Registrar

Financial Aid Determination/Eligibility

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Maria Ramos, Director

  • Students inquiring on their eligibility or lack of eligibility for financial aid obtain answers to their questions by:
  • Emailing their questions to FAO.WEB@tamuc.edu
  • Stopping by the One Stop Shop and visiting with a financial aid representative available during business hours.
  • Making a specific appointment with a financial aid representative.
  • Calling the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office 903-883-5096

Fraudulent, Wasteful or Abusive Activities


The Texas A&M University System is dedicated to adhering to the highest ethical standards and principles. If you have factual information suggestive of fraudulent, wasteful or abusive activities we want you to report it.

Examples of repotable issues include fraud; misuse of resources or information; violations of safety rules; inappropriate conducts, harassment, or discrimination.


Texas A&M University System

Ethics Point to the bullet as follows:

  • Students are encouraged to report issues through the Risk, Fraud & Misconduct Hotline, an anonymous telephone and web-based reporting system by calling 1-888-501-3850 or select "file a report" at the top of the page at www.ethicspoint.com. The hotline is independently operated and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Grade Grievances, Grade Changes/Errors

Students may complain about the final grade in a course and request resolution through the informal and formal grievance processes.

Student Appeal of Instructor Evaluation

Grade Changes

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sharon Crump, Assistant to the Associate Provost

  • This grievance allows students to seek resolution if they believe their grade to be unfair.
  • Student appeal must be initiated in writing and first point of contact for the appeal is with the instructor.
  • All steps for the appeal are outlined in the procedures.

Graduate Requirements (Effective Catalog Rule)

Graduate Website


Marlena Cameron, DegreeWorks/Graduation Coordinator


  • A student entering the university must meet the degree requirements listed within their current catalog or those of a subsequent catalog. However, a student who fails to graduate within five years after admission will be required to meet the degree requirements of a subsequent catalog that is within five years of currency at the time of their graduation.
  • As required by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), at least 25 percent of the hours applicable to a degree must be earned through instruction by the institution awarding the degree.

Level of Service - WeCare and Student Forums

One Stop Shop

Student Forums

Vice President for Student Access & Success

Dr. Mary Hendrix, Vice President

Refund of Fees

Refund Info Forums


Charles Robnett, Bursar

  • Refunds from credit balances on student accounts are refunded automatically. No student action is necessary. Timeliness of refunds is tracked through aged credit balance reports generated through Banner.
  • Students contesting refund percentages from drops or withdrawals are referred to the Registrar's Office for appeal.
  • Students contesting application of 30 or 45 hour rules are referred to the Registrar's Office for appeal.
  • Students contesting housing or meal plan charges are referred to the Office of Residential Living and Learning for appeal.
  • Students desiring to appeal residency status (in-state vs out-of-state tuition rate) are referred to Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate School for resolution.
  • Student account inquiries may be sent to StudentAccounts@tamuc.edu. Students generally receive a reply within 2 business days or less.

Residency Status Determination


Undergraduate Admissions

Jody Todhunter, Director

  • Students must meet one requirement listed in Part A of the Revised Chart II: Documentation to Support Establishing and Maintaining Domicile in Texas form.
  • Students must submit one item from part B of the revised Chart II: Documentation to Support Establishing and Maintaining Domicile in Texas form.

Sexual Harassment, Discrimination

08.01.01.R0.01 Civil Rights Compliance Procedure

Human Resources  & Assistant Vice President & Dean of Campus Life & Student Development

Barbara Corvey, Interim Human Resources Officer

John Kaulfus, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Campus Life & Student Development

  • Complaint of sexual harassment or discrimination in nature (to include discrimination and retaliation) to students is a responsibility shared between the Human Resources and Campus Life & Student Development.

Title IX

08.01.01 Civil Rights Compliance

Human Resources

Barbara Corvey, Interim Human Resources Officer

Title IX has 10 Key Areas of Focus

  • Access to Higher Education
  • Career Education
  • Employment
  • Math and Science
  • Standardized Testing
  • Athletics Under Title IX
  • Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students
  • Learning Environment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Technology
  • Human Resources handles specific issues related to sexual harassment (see "Sexual Harassment, Discrimination" above). Other complaints/appeals are dealt with in respective areas and procedures depending on complaint or appeal.

Traffic/Parking Violations

Police Department

Bursar's Office

Charles Robnett, Bursar

Cashiers Office may accept parking appeals and the Traffic Committee Chair is Sharon Anderson

The Justice of Peace is over Traffic Citations Judge Jennifer Reeves

All other complaints or concerns can be directed to the University Police Chief Donna Spinato

  • University Parking Appeals are accepted in writing at the cashier's office in the Business Administration Building. Once completed, a copy will be sent to the University Police and to the Traffic Appeal Committee for review/resolution. A date, time and location for the hearing will be provided in advance of the hearing date when processing the appeal.
  • Traffic Violations are handled at the local Justice of the Peace office, located behind Exon on Culver St.

All other concerns or complaints can be sent to Donna Spinato, by Email, or appointment.

Transfer Credit Denial

Link TBD

Undergraduate Admissions

Jody Todhunter, Director

  • Transcripts are evaluated for credit by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and at times may undergo a review by faculty members serving as department heads or deans of your academic program. Credits for your specific degree must be determined by the academic departments. Once your transcript undergoes the review process, you will be provided with the information concerning the transferability of your courses and how they will be applied to your degree program. A course must be college level to be transferable, and you must have earned a grade of D or better. In some instances, a grade below a C may not be acceptable in cases where the course will be applied to your major. Students can access their degree plan through the online degree evaluation system once they have been admitted.

Student Employment Grievance and Appeal

Student Employee Grievance and Appeal

Dean of Campus Life and Student Development

John Kaulfus, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Campus Life and Student Development


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