Use of Electronic Portfolio

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All students seeking status as a Global Scholar or Global Learner and all faculty and staff seeking status as a Global Fellow are required to create and maintain an ePortfolio.  The ePortfolios should be populated by the user and should contain materials and artifacts that demonstrate global competence, including logs for participation, reflections, written documents, audiovisual, and linked artifacts. 

Within the ePortfolios, the user will choose the content and materials that demonstrate achievement within the criteria for both the Global Scholar, Global Learner, and Global Fellow Programs.  The ePortfolios will be dynamic, integrated and context-related, and allow items from multiple sources.

Access an indepth PDF Guide on How to Create an ePortfolio Here. Or if you are comfortable with the ePortfolio already, use our shorter Entry Guide. If you encounter questions not answered by the guide please email us

View a video Guide on how to set up your ePortolfio below.

View a Quick Guide on adding Documents to your ePortofolio below.