Global Events and Travel

Global Events

A wide range of globally-related events and activities have been offered at A&M-Commerce. Historically, these events and activities have been somewhat fragmented, uneven, and uncoordinated. Overall, the global initiatives have failed to reach a great many students, as well as faculty and staff, and make the impact that is possible through a strategic and carefully orchestrated plan. The A&M-Commerce QEP proposal presents a methodologically coordinated effort to expand and broaden current global initiatives and efforts, as well as develop new approaches. The QEP has the potential to transform the strong foundation of A&M-Commerce global initiatives into asystematic framework capable of producing globally competent students.
Because students seeking the Global Scholar status will be required to attend a minimum number of events on campus, it is expected that attendance and engagement will significantly improve. Initially requiring attendance with incoming freshman students is expected to produce a snowball effect over time. An inventory of currently-existing, globally-related events and activities across campus has been produced and will be maintained and communicated in an effort to increase awareness. The QEP Director will work with the Marketing and Communications Director to better promote global events at A&M-Commerce.

Global Travel

A wide range of travel opportunities are offered at A&M-Commerce through the Office of international Studies, Regents Scholars, Sophomore Experience, and varied departmental ventures. Historically, a small percentage of students have participated in these opportunities, and international studies funding has been limited to assist a small number of students with travel scholarships. The university’s QEP budget includes sufficient funds to increase student travel opportunities. Since one of the benefits of earning Global Scholar status is a travel scholarship, the QEP is expected to produce up to 40 additional traveling students annually. Travel scholarships may be applied toward A&M-Commerce existing travel opportunities. In an effort to capture the global competence levels of traveling students, completion of the GCAA will be required both prior to and after travel. Students will be required to upload the report to their ePortfolios.

For more information on Global Travel opportunities please click the following link. Global Programs Office