Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Research

The Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Research guides the university's institutional effectiveness program and provides relevant data through institutional research.

Institutional Effectiveness

The Department of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) strives to establish processes to strengthen the university's institutional effectiveness efforts. We value strategies that advance educational, programmatic, and operational excellence in a way that is evidence based, locally defined, and efficiency driven. IE promotes practices that result in higher student academic achievement; an enhanced student experience; aligned and transparent decisions; and readily available information for improvement, accountability, and accreditation.

Chief Responsibilities

  • Assist colleges in efforts to assess student learning
  • Support institutional effectiveness efforts across the university
  • Support university accreditation efforts

Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) resides within the Department of Institutional Effectiveness. IR supports the ongoing process of collecting, analyzing, reporting, and warehousing quantitative data about the institution's students, faculty, and staff. IR provides information to support university decision-making through a variety of analytic activities, data-gathering tasks, and research projects. IR works with offices and individuals internally and externally to maintain data/report integrity and quality that fulfills the intended uses in operations, decision-making and planning.

For additional information on assessment and measurement initiatives developed through the Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Research, please contact Dr. Shonda Gibson,