Rocio Maldonado

RosyFor Rosy, a senior from Dallas, a college education was made possible thanks to the generous scholarship and financial aid support she received from A&M-Commerce. Now she tries to help other students on campus as much as possible.

“When I first came to commerce I didn’t know one person,” Rosy said. “I wanted to get involved, but none of the on-campus organizations really pertained to my cultural background. Now I am now cofounder of three successful organizations; LULAC (League of Latin American Citizens), Hermanas united and HSA (Hispanic Student Association).”

Thanks to the supportive campus community and professors like Dr. Virginia Fullwood, Rosy feels she’s been able to grow into a responsible student and business professional, ready for the real world after graduation.

“Dr. Fullwood is currently working on her Ph.D. so she knows what it is to be a student,” Rosy said. “She explains how the material we learn in class pertains to the real world and how to make the most of that knowledge.”

Looking ahead to her future as a financial consultant, Rosy hopes to help others in the same way the university community has helped her.

Rocio“I have faced some challenges in college but I have worked through them with the help of the wonderful A&M-Commerce faculty and staff and my family and friends,” she said. “Now, if I see a new student wondering around campus I don’t keep walking, I stop and ask if I can help. Someday I hope to help students financially as well, by offering scholarships for students that need a chance just like I did.”