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Chris Ramos

Chris Ramos

Chris Ramos, a senior music major and graduate of Celina High School, chose to attend A&M-Commerce after being admitted to the Honors College and hearing the wind ensemble play at the Evening at the Eisemann.

“I was blown away by the quality of music I heard, and by the scholarship I was offered,” Chris said.

Two of Chris’ favorite classes, The 1960s: A Nation Divided and Cinema, Philosophy and the Political, complemented his music studies by delving into the human experience, something that Chris feels is at the root of music appreciation.

“Most everything that is a part of American culture today finds its roots (or at least influences) in the turbulence of the 1960s, and many of the issues aroused during that time are still issues today, issues which demand not only solutions, but a better knowledge of their origins to find those solutions.”

It’s Dr. Luis Sanchez, Chris’ piano professor, however, that inspires him to excel in music.

Chris Ramos

“I have had (and hopefully will continue to have) the privilege of studying piano with Dr. Luis Sanchez over the past few years,” Chris said. “Dr. Sanchez is genuinely concerned for the educational, physical, and emotional welfare of his students. He is ever-patient in teaching us what it means to be a musician and how to apply it to piano performance.

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