Princess Walker

April Preston

Princess, a math major from Fresno, Calif., transferred to A&M-Commerce because she wanted more from her education.

Here, she’s found her niche in the math department thanks to Calculus professors like Dr. Dorsett who encouraged her to put her best into the class, as well as the other classes she was taking at the time.

“I would love to use math everyday I'm at work,” Princess said. “I don't know exactly what I plan to do with my degree but I'm confident I will find a career path that’s best for me.”

Outside of class, Princess is a member of the New Beginnings Multicultural Gospel Choir where she’s made several new friends that help keep her grounded.

Princess in classroom
“At A&M-Commerce, I've become more disciplined and well organized. I've gotten better at prioritizing my time and separating social time with studying time. I'm really trying to obtain and keep a high GPA,” she said. “Looking ahead, I hope to get involved in more math and academic-based organizations on campus, and just have a fun college experience.”