13.99.99.R0.07 Grade Changes

Effective: September 1, 1996

Revised: February 8, 2007

Supplements System Policy: System Policy 13.02

The following procedures are used to change grades in those cases where an error has been made in calculating or recording the course grade or as the result of a formal grade appeal as outlined in Procedure 13.99.99.R0.05 Student’s Appeal of Instructor’s Evaluation.

1. A faculty member may submit a petition to the department head requesting that a grade be changed for a student in a course that the faculty member has taught if the petition is submitted during the twelve-month period immediately following the term when the course was taken and the grade given. A statement of the conditions and reasons for the grade change must be included on the petition.

2. If approved by the department head, academic dean, the graduate dean (in the case of a graduate grade), and the registrar, the change will be made on the student's permanent record. The instructor will be notified of the final decision by letter from the registrar, with a copy to the student. A copy of the petition is filed in the academic dean's office.

3. In the event the faculty member awarding the grade is no longer with the University, the department head will make a reasonable effort to contact that person to initiate the grade change. Any grade change petition that does not have the recommendation of the instructor who gave the grade should go through channels to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval.

4. Grades are considered official when the Grade Change Petition has been submitted to the Office of the Registrar with the required approvals and posted to the student’s academic record on the student information system.

Grade Change Petition (Word Document)

References: Prior ETSU Policies V E 10 and B-23 approved January 12, 1978; revised Fall 1988, January 1990, September 2001 forms added; Procedure A13.08

Contact for Interpretation: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs