Effective: September 1, 1996

Revised: September 2002

1. The University recognizes the value to the University Community and to student learning opportunities for students to be engaged in publication. These activities promote and maintain an atmosphere of free and responsible discussion. Student media activities are an effective means of communicating news and campus concerns, and they are invaluable in the facilitation of informed opinion on local, national, and international issues.

2. Publications should provide a full opportunity for students to investigate, question, and exchange ideas. Content should reflect the diversity of student perspectives and interests, including topics that may involve dissent and controversy.

3. The University assumes no liability for the content of any student publications, and it urges student journalists to recognize the responsibility to use professional broadcast and journalism standards in exercising their editorial control.

4. Students may produce print media on campus as long as they do not violate the educational process.

References: Prior ETSU Policies III G 4.2 and B-108 approved September 1, 1981; Procedure A13.11

Contact for Interpretation: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs