Convocation AY 2016-2017

Dr. Larry Lemanski

Dr. Larry F. Lemanski


Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Texas A&M University-Commerce

The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents have recently named Dr. Larry Lemanski, Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences, with this year's Regents Professor award. This award is the Systems highest distinction for exemplary performance and professional service by a faculty member.

Dr. Larry F. Lemanski is a Distinguished Research Professor of Biological Sciences.  His main research interests focus on the study of myofibrillogenesis and heart inductive processes in developing embryonic hearts at the cell and molecular levels.  He is well known for discovering unique and specific ribonucleic acids (RNSs) that have the capacity to promote cardiac myofibrillogenesis in non-muscle cells.

Dr. Lemanski authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications, won numerous professional awards, given abundant invited lectures throughout the world and mentored a multitude of students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty, who now pursue very successful careers in medicine, teaching/research and industry.  He obtained over $50 million in extramural funding and holds patents on the sequence/action of nucleic acids that induce “non-muscle” cells to form into cardiac muscle tissue.  Dr. Lemanski’s research holds tremendous promise for the repair of damaged heart tissues in patients who have suffered heart attacks.  In fact, he has established a new biotechnology company. NeoHeart, LLC, which is translating these discoveries to clinical levels.