Information for Students

*Due to budgetary exigency, the university will no longer be able to provide a monetary stipend for the Low Cost Textbook Initiative. However, we still encourage faculty and staff to offer Low Cost Textbook courses and be listed on their classes as such, even without the financial reward. We hope that in the future we will be able to offer the financial support.  

We guarantee that the total cost of textbooks and/or materials in your low-cost textbook course will be under $25! Identify our low-cost courses by searching the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES. They can be identified by the blue pig icon such as the one in the example below.


Talk to your advisor when registration opens and ask about these courses. This is a university-wide initiative starting Spring 2017.

Once you are registered for a low-cost textbook initiative course, you are guaranteed to be in a course with course materials that will cost $25 or less.