University Executive Council

Membership on the University Executive Council includes the President, Vice Presidents, Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents, Deans, Athletic Director, Chief of Police, Chief Information Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chair of Academic Department Heads Council, Faculty Senate President, and selected directors from each division. The council meets biweekly to share information on university-wide events and processes.

Members 2017-2018

Ray Keck, Chair; Tabetha Adkins, Travis Ball, Keturi Beatty, Heidi Bryan, Scott Cason, Alicia Currin, Ricky Dobbs, Brent Donham, James Fountain, Jacques Fuqua, Jeremy Gamez, Shanan Gibson, Shonda Gibson, Ray Green, Paula Hanson, Randy Harp, Hunter Hayes, John Humphreys, Madeline Justice, Chad King, Linda King, Bill Kuracina, Tim Letzring, Tina Livingston, Tim McMurray, Greg Mitchell, Tim Murphy, Gil Naizer, Noah Nelson, Thomas Newsom, Berri O’Neal, Derek Preas, Edward Romero, Judy Sackfield, Jennifer Schroeder, Donna Spinato, Wyman Williams, Lee Young


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