Immediate-use gifts support students now by making funds available immediately. 

If you know where you would like your gift to go, please refer to our Ways to Give page to make your gift.

For help determining if there is an existing fund, or to establish a new fund, please contact one of the following development officers.

College of Science & Engineering:  Devin Girod (214) 449-6555

School of Agriculture: Devin Girod (214) 449-6555

College of Business: Alex Cook (903) 468-8187

College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts: Alex Cook (903) 468-8187

College of Education & Human Services: Ray Garvin (301) 848-7796

Athletics: Alex Cook (903) 468-8187

All Others: Jill Mobley (903) 468-8181

Current/Immediate-Use gifts fall into the following categories:

Excellence Funds

An excellence fund account can be established with any gift regardless of size.  These accounts are set up for the various departments or colleges on campus and are used at the discretion of the Dean, department head or director.  Departmental excellence accounts provide resources for program enrichment, faculty & staff development, recruitment and to fund other critical department or program needs.  Interest earnings are accrued on these accounts. 


Restricted scholarships are not endowed.  All funds are available for award (within the guidelines established by Advancement Services and Financial Aid & Scholarship).   Earnings are applied directly into the fund.

Other Restricted

Other Restricted accounts are usually established for a purpose or goal and funds are deposited into the account to be used at a later date.  Earnings are applied directly into the fund.


Unrestricted gifts are important and are applied to areas of greatest need and to address opportunities that may arise.