Distinguished Alumni 

The first Distinguished Alumni Citation was awarded in 1967. With the growth in membership of the group, they organized and formed the Distinguished Alumni Chapter on November 5, 1983. Its membership consists of all recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Citations awarded by East Texas State University and Texas A&M University-Commerce. The purpose of this chapter is to maintain a medium for serving Texas A&M University-Commerce, to further the interest and well-being of the University, and to foster an appreciation for the rich heritage left to the great University by its students its faculty, and its administration during its more than 120 years of existence. A host of graduates of East Texas Normal College, East Texas State Normal College, East Texas State Teachers College, East Texas State College, East Texas State University, and Texas A&M University-Commerce have achieved illustrious careers in many different walks of life. It is from the vast pool of outstanding graduates of the educational institution in Commerce that Distinguished Alumni are selected and honored.


1967 - 2014* Recipients 

Adams, Maj. Gen. Christopher 1991

Ainsworth, Jim 2008

Allen, Duane 1983

Allen, Fred 1985

Ang, Dante 2016

Armistead, Dr. Jesse 1994

Armstrong, Dr. James (deceased) 1972

Ashworth, Robert (deceased) 1972

Barnes, Robert 2004

Barrow, George 1979

Biffle, Homer 1990

Biggs, Alton 2003

Blakey, Thomas (deceased) 1982

Bobst, D.W. 2011

Bowen, Alton (deceased) 1977

Braddy, Dr. Haldeen (deceased) 1972

Brannon, Dr. Lilian 1997

Brennan, Dr. Deborah 2014

Button, W. Garland (deceased) 1985

Calvin, Larry 1984

Cameron, Raymond 1978

Campbell, Robert 1978

Cates, Paul  (deceased) 1969

Cavender, Mike 2006

Cheek, Henry (deceased) 1974

Chumley, R. Wayne 2010

Conaway, U.S. Rep. K. Michael 2012

Conover, Ted 2014

Cox, Dr. Eli (deceased) 1977

Drain, Ogle 1984

Draper, Thomas (deceased) 1981

Drew, Zenetta 2015

Durham, JoAnn 2014

Dyce, Dennis 1993

Edison, Robert 1993

Ellis, Elmer 1997

Fall, Willa (deceased) 1975

Farell, H. Dan 2007

Fernandes, Gary 1992

Flemmons, Jerry (deceased) 1982

Fletcher, Dr. Raymond(deceased) 1974

Frances Greenway, Dr. Zora 1997

Franklin, Larry 1982

Freeman, Cpt. Louis 2006

Griffith, Joe 2014

Groves, Dr. Cecil 1996

Hall, Adrian 1992

Hall, Ford (deceased) 1978

Hancock, Gary 1998

Hargrave, Cecille (deceased) 1976

Harper, Dr. Jane 2014

Harper, W.W. Chip 2010

Harty, Toby McDowell Rives 2012

Henson, Robert (deceased) 1976

Hinton, Joe 1988

Hollon, Dr. William (deceased) 1971

Horn, Dr. John 2002

Howard, Jewel 1975

Huddleston, Dr. Thomas 2005

Jackson, Bill 1997

Johnson, Dr. Michael 2007

Jordan, Robert 1982

Kitching, Dr. Jennie 1994

La, Richard De Garza 2009

Lagrone, Dr. Herbert (deceased) 1992

Lancaster, Dr. Sally 1994

Larkin, EC 2015

Lassiter, Dr. Jack 2015

Leeman-Ramirez, Peggy 2016

Liberato, Lynne 2002

Lowry, Dr. William (deceased) 1993

Luna, Earl (deceased) 1986

Lyon, Ted B. 2009

Mabry, Dr. Tom 1970

Mann, James 1996

Martin, Howard (deceased) 1977

McAlister, George (deceased) 1992

McBrayer, Staley (deceased) 1973

McCollum, Gary 1994

McDowell, Frank (deceased) 1982

McDowell, Martha (deceased) 1978

McKown, Jonette 2009

Merrell, Dr. Leonard 2014

Merrill, Edwin (deceased) 1998

Metcalf, Dr.Shelby (deceased) 1981

Miller, Geraldine “Tincy” 2007

Mohat, Dr. Imogene 1979

Moore, Dr. Daniel 2005

Moore, RADM Sam (deceased) 1976

Moseley, Dr. John (deceased) 1970

Moses, Dr. Michael 2001

Nagarkatti, Jai (deceased) 2010

Norman, John 2015

O’Neal, Bob 1991

Oliver, Dr. Billy (deceased) 1973

Owens, Dr. William (deceased) 1987

Parkman, Jo Ann 1981

Parsons, Givon (deceased) 1968

Prewitt, Leonard (deceased) 1980

Pyles, Stephan 1995

Quarles, Dr. Thomas 1995

Ragland, James 2003

Rattan, Dr. Cleatus 2004

Ray, Lesby 1979

Rayburn, Sam (deceased) 1991

Richie, Jr., Carl S. J 2012

Rix, Dr. Robert (deceased) 1987

Rountree, M.D., Paul 2012

Rushing, Dr. Joe 1979

Scholz, Ben 2012

Scott, Judy Castle 2010

Seliger, Mark 1993

Shaw, Dr. Don 1989

Shive, Dr. William (deceased) 1973

Speigel, Major General John 2016

Speir, Col. Wilson (deceased) 1971

Spencer, Dr. Otha (deceased) 2006

Spencer, Mary Helen 2008

Sterling, Dr. Charles 1999

Stone, Dr. Virginia (deceased) 1981

Stringer, J. Harold (deceased) 1975

Sturgeon, Lee (deceased) 1971

Swords, Dr. Ruth (deceased) 1974

Tagle, The Honorable Hilda 2011

Tarpley, Dr. Fred 2007

Thomas, Orlando (deceased) 1967

Thompson, Dr. Barry 2000

Threlkeld, Kenneth 2014

Thrower, James 2011

Thurman, Steve 2015

Tully, Darrell (deceased) 1980

Turman, Dr. James 2008

Von Schwarz, Mark 2016

Walker, Dr. Larry 2011

Walker, Robert L. 2012

Webb, Dr. William 1977

Whiteside, Dr. Helen 1974

Williams, David (deceased) 1983

Williams, Dr. Byron (deceased) 1969

Wilson, Willam Charles 2016

Wood, Cliff 2012

Wood, Dr. Ralph 2002

Wood, Susan 1997

*The Alumni Awards Gala was previously held during the fall, but was later moved to the following spring. Honorees recognized during the spring are considered honorees for the previous year. For example, the Honorees recognized at the 2012 Alumni Awards Gala are considered 2011 recipients.