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Gold Blazer Award 

The Gold Blazer Award was first awarded in 1984 and is given annually to an alumnus for service to The Alumni Association of Texas A&M University-Commerce, Inc., and to the University. We have been fortunate to have alumni who work on behalf of the University without the expectation of pay or other tangible gain. Their efforts have provided two major benefits: economic and social. In both cases their involvement has had an overwhelming effect on the Alumni Association’s ability to reconnect with alumni and provide positive avenues for their interaction with the University and student body. The Alumni Association is pleased to have presented fifty-four individuals with the Gold Blazer Award, all of whom epitomize Professor Mayo’s motto: “ceaseless industry, fearless investigation, unfettered thought and unselfish services to others.”

1984 - 2017* Recipients 

Adams, Maj. Gen. Christopher 2000

Ainsworth, Jim 1986

Anderson, Judy 1991

Barnes, Jr., Robert V. "Buddie" 2012

Bulls, Derald 1986

Burns, Sherman 1984

Burt, Carolyn 1993

Byrd, John 2015

Callahan, Mike 2015

Carnes, Kenny 1986

Carpenter, Diane 1985

Carrington, Jerry 2005

Casselberry, Gene 1988

Castilla, Rene 2006

Chaffin, Vivian 2017

Clinton, Dr. Kenneth 1992

Cowley, Dr. James D. 2013

Crane, Sandra 1984

Crim, Ted 1998

Davies, Rebecca 1993

DeVega, Lea Anne 2016

Dorsey, Susan 2014

Doyle, Sandra 2012

Fife, Dian 2007

Finney, Gary 2003

Fox, Peggy 1999

Goddard, Larry P. 2010

Hoffman, Dr. Marion 1986

Houff, Marion A. 2013

Huffstutler, Dr. Jan 2010

Hulsey, Dr. Greg 2013

Hyde, Waymon 1996

Icenhower, Rheba 1990

Icenhower, Harry 1987

Julian, Ann 2006

Julian, Hoyle 2006

King, W. Ben 2013

Marshall, Billy 2012

McBroom, Dr. Randy 2011

McCasland, Charles Lee 2009

McCasland, John H. 2009

McCord, Samuel 1994

McDowell, Diane 2001

McKee, Stan 2015

Miracle, Rocky 1985

Newman, John 1997

Oglesby, Jeanenne 2016

Park, Raymond 1993

Partridge, Kay 1987

Peek, Janet 1996

Phillips, Col. Billy 1992

Pirkey, Beverly  L. 2009

Pirkey, Dr. Jack 2005

Power, Harry B. 2010

Pressley, Dr. Trezzie 2002

Purdy, Arlan 2017

Purdy, Bobbie 2000

Richardson, Evonne V. 2007

Skrasek, Ron 2011

Smith, Gwendolyn 2002

Tarpley, Dr.Fred 1989

Thompson, Jandy 2008

Trusty,  MJ 2008

Tuck, Dr. Mary 1995

Turman, Dixie 1995

Turner, Frank 2014

Turner, Dr. Pat 2008

Vincent, Lori 2016

Whitener, Robert 1993

Williams, Oscar Faye Branch 2012

Williams, Winston 2004

Williams, Wyman 1989

York, Dwight D. 2007

*The Alumni Awards Gala was previously held during the fall, but was later moved to the following spring. Honorees recognized during the spring are considered honorees for the previous year. For example, the Honorees recognized at the 2012 Alumni Awards Gala are considered 2011 recipients.