Online Programs

online programs

The online programs are targeted for candidates who seek a Masters degree from A&M University-Commerce without the limitations of the classroom. Our online programs give you the chance to customize your schedule to your individual needs. The Graduate Programs in Business began offering online classes in 1995. Since then the idea has grown to offer several complete programs in this venue (Graduate and Undergraduate).  Throughout the online venture our programs as well as our educators have gained experience & expertise. We are very excited to offer you the necessary freedom to complete your master’s degree totally online if you choose (you also have the choice to attend any of our live locations as well if you want to mix your learning experiences). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. NOTE:  Course sections which end in a 'W' are 100% online (W=Web), i.e., MKT 501.01W.

MBA Program:

The Masters of Business Administration degree prepares the graduate student for advanced management positions that demand analytic and strategic leadership solutions to an interrelated set of economic, ethical, and environmental issues. The program is 30-48 hours.

MS in Accounting:

The MSA is designed for those who want to specialize in accounting at the graduate level. It is suitable for those who want to continue on from their undergraduate accounting major and for those who have a lesser, or no, accounting background. Students in the latter group are required to complete two prerequisites when entering the program. The MSA is an excellent preparation for students planning on a career in public accounting, industry or government.

MS in Management:

The Online Master of Science in Management is a specialized program of study ideally suited for individuals seeking an educational experience with course work concentrated in leadership dynamics and/or human resources management. Either the general option or an Information Technology option is also available for this program.

MS in Finance:

This Program provides a platform for the students to develop as financial economic experts who can spot opportunities, assess risks and ask critical financial questions.

MS in Marketing:

The Master of Science in Marketing program offers students from business and non-business backgrounds an opportunity to develop expertise in the art and science of business marketing.

MS in Business Analytics:

This program offers students from business and non-business backgrounds with an opportunity to develop expertise in the art and science of business analytics.