British Studies for MBAs

A&M-Commerce participates in a consortium of 11 universities in the British Studies Program. The University of Southern Mississippi is the coordinating school and awards the actual transcript credit for these courses. Locally, the British Studies Program is administered by the director of the Joe B. Hinton Office of International Studies. A&M-Commerce students may use these courses as a part of their MBA program either as substitutes for core courses or as electives, depending on the course(s) one takes.

Eligibility to enroll in courses offered by the College of Business Administration at the University of Southern Mississippi is determined by the USM's Coordinator of Study Abroad Programs and the Director of the British Studies Program.

All courses have the following prerequisites: Principles of Accounting (3-6 hrs), Principles of Economics I & II (6 hrs), Specific courses in the area of intended study (3-6 hrs).

Course work is available in the areas of international study in accounting, economics, finance, management or marketing. Graduate applicants for these courses must already be enrolled in a graduate program and be in good academic standing. Students may enroll in up to two 3-hour courses. The first course is a lecture course conducted by eminent scholars and practitioners from the United Kingdom. The second course is a research course, which must be completed using British libraries and sources under the direction of the professor of record. With the exception of graduate accounting, enrollment in the research course is optional.

Additional information may be found here: International Studies

Contact information:

Mr. Jacques L. Fuqua, Jr.
Executive Director for Global Programs

The Joe B. Hinton Office of International Studies
Ferguson Social Sciences Building #220
Commerce, TX 75429-3011

Phone: (903)468-6034
E-Mail: Jacques.Fuqua@tamuc.edu