The accounting department recruits top students to major in Accounting and to prepare them for business careers and for continuing graduate education. Our faculty utilize their knowledge and professional experience to help students prepare for the professional world and ensure success in the accounting profession. Our courses will help prepare students to sit for a number of certification exams, including CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CMA (Certified Management Accountant), CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) and CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner). Selected classes are tailored to prepare students for portions of these certification tests.

Meet Our Faculty

  • Sandra Gates

    Dr. Gates has over 15 years of experience in accounting. She has held accounting positions in various industries including: Public Accounting, Construction, Healthcare, and Oil and Gas.

    Areas of Research: Accounting, Cost Management

  • Megan Burke

    Dr. Burke was a manager in family wealth management, specializing in high net-worth individual tax. She is a licensed CPA and graduated with her Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in 2010.

    Areas of Research: Taxation

  • Virginia Fullwood

    Mrs. Fullwood served as Interim Chair for 2 years and has nearly 30 years of higher education teaching experience. She is a CPA and is a member of several CPA and honor societies, including AAA and BGS.

    Areas of Research: Accounting, Earnings Management

  • Jay Garrett

    Mr. Garrett is a licensed attorney and a partner in a general law practice. His areas of expertise include Business Law, Real Estate Law, Nursing Law, Criminal Justice, and Computer Concepts.

    Areas of Research: Law, Business Administration

  • Daniel Haskin

    Dr. Haskin holds a Ph.D. from Texas Tech and has been teaching at the higher education level for over 35 years. His focus is primarily on accounting and running CPA firms.

    Areas of Research: Accounting, Auditing, Benefit Planning

  • Caroline Hayek

    Dr. Hayek has over 17 years of international professional and academic experience in the areas of finance, accounting, auditing and business management.

    Areas of Research: Accounting, Audit

  • Gordon Heslop

    Dr. Heslop has a doctorate in accounting from Mississippi State University, in addition to a B.Com and M.Com in accounting, an MBA and a law degree. He also holds CMA, CFM and CIA certifications.

    Areas of Research: Internal Controls, Fraud, Tax

  • Shiyou Li

    Dr. Li earned his Ph.D. from UT-San Antonio in 2013, and is a Texas CPA. He holds several Master's degrees, and has professional experience as a senior accountant for a large health care system.

    Areas of Research: Earnings Management

  • Robert Rankin

    Mr. Rankin is a seasoned accounting professional with more than 15 years of management accounting experience in the food industry.

    Areas of Research: Managerial Accounting

  • Cheryl Scott

    Cheryl Scott's background includes over ten years of higher education accounting, post-secondary instruction, and over two years of for-profit and not-for-profit experience.

  • Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer is an attorney and CPA with two decades of experience in accounting, finance, and regulatory compliance. She earned her MS in tax accounting from UT-Dallas, and JD and MBA from the UT-Austin.

    Areas of Research: Business Law, Forensics

  • Tim Wilson

    Dr. Wilson earned his Ph.D. in accounting from the Patterson School of Accountancy of the University of Mississippi, in 2006. He is also licensed as an attorney in Mississippi and served as staff attorney to the 11th Circuit Court.

    Areas of Research: Accounting, Business Law