Marketing & Business Analytics 

Analytics Team Project Competition 

What is the Analytics Team Project Competition?

This project competition is one of the best opportunities for some of the sharpest undergraduate and graduate analytics students in the university to come together and solve a real-world business problem.  Teams will be asked to perform a deep analysis and consider multiple data points before making their recommendations to a panel of industry experts and faculty. 

General Description

The Department of Marketing and Business Analytics is hosting its first Business Analytics Team Competition. Students are encouraged to get a team of 3 people and register their team on the website by 5:00pm, Jul 21st, 2017. The winning team will receive prizes and certificates offered by the Athletics Department. .

The competition is open to full-time TAMUC students and consists of two rounds - a written report and an oral presentation with discussion from a panel of judges.  Further instructions of the team competition will be sent to each team via email by Friday, Jul 21st, 2017. Upon receiving detailed instructions, each team will begin to work on the case. The written report is due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 25th, 2017.

The top three teams based on the written analysis performance, will be selected by a panel of judges and notified on Friday, Sep 8th, 2017.  For the second round of the competition, the three finalists will perform an oral presentation based on the teams' project submission.

Competition Rules

Teams should be comprised of no more than 3 students.

At least 2 students on each team must be currently enrolled in a full-time Business Analytics degree program. The other member can come from any other program at the university.

The case will be distributed based on the scheduled date and timeline.

Once the case is distributed, teams cannot solicit assistance from anyone who is not on the team (including staff, faculty, other students, and the sponsoring company). All work presented must be solely that of the participating team members. Outside research is allowed (e.g. written, online).

The judges will act as a group of top managers and/or directors. The judges are familiar with the problems identified in the case. Therefore, the case facts do not need to be repeated.  Define and analyze the problem and present the key findings and a justified plan of action.

This competition encourages the students’ creativity. There is no required model, technique, or software that teams must use to uncover new knowledge from the data sets. Raw data sets will be given. Each team will start from data cleaning, and then independently perform data analysis, data presentation, etc.    


Jul 17 to Jul 23, 5pm: Team sign-up period and deadline.  Each team should consist of 2 to 3 members

Each team leader please send the members’ names, contact information, and CWID to MKTBA@tamuc.eduPlease use “Business Analytics Project Competition Signup” in the email subject. 

Jul 21: Project questions are distributed to the competing teams.

Aug 25th, 5pm: Teams submit their analysis results.

September 8: Notifications of top 3 winning teams.

Mid of September: Winning teams present their projects during the Marketing & Business Analytics New Student Welcome Party and Award ceremony.

Competition Sponsors:

The Department of Marketing and Business

Lion Athletics