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Coffee With Dr. Myers

Date:                           5th of December 2017

Location:                    BA 343, College of Business, Texas A&M University – Commerce

Timing:                        1:00pm to 3:00pm (CST)

Objective:                   Introduction to the world of Analytics, Career Counseling, Course selection, Introduction of new classes, personal and professional experiences of faculty members.

Host:                           Dr. Chris Myers, Ms. Shirin Pathan

Eateries:                      Coffee

No. of Attendees:         30

Timeline of Events:

Shirin, the Welcome

Internship  speakers (Shade) 10min

            Internship program

Dr. Myers Program Challenges and changes 15 min


            Networking opportunities

            Student organization items

Panel Speakers (Jack Cooke, Butch Haskins, Jay Demmler)

            Interactive  Q&A   1 hr

            Opening 5 min info about career and outlook for digital marketing and or

business analytics

            Harika, recent graduate

            Jack, VP of Operations, Business Analytics outlook

            Butch, VP of Marketing, Digital and Marketing outlook

            Jay, Cyber Security outlook

Harika Vasireddy, unable to attend

Closing, President (Susmita) 

Panel setup

Coffee, and drinks

Name cards

Marketing, Having students show up

IT, contact and Lacey for recording and Google Hangout

Google hangout

Bo Han, provide google Hangout


Questions by Dr. Myers in lieu of student questions

We’ll start with tell me about yourself and your career. Then follow that up with one of the biggest tips you can think of that may help students today.

Pre job market

How should you prepare for the job market before you leave college?

How do you prepare for an interview?

What is the job market like in your field?

What key items on an interview are most important for you and other senior leaders?

What are some key aspects of networking and how should students prepare for this aspect?

How should students take advantage of more opportunities while at school?

In the job market

Do extra credentials like certificates and certificates matter to you and your company?

What types of experiences have you had with weak or less qualified applicants?

Can you talk about specific tools or skills in your trade that you look for students to have in their toolbox?

Post job market

How do I impress my boss once I got that first job out of college?

What are some of do’s and don’ts for that first job?

What has helped you sustain and grow your career?

Post event marketing

Get testimonials

Get writeup for newsletter and website (Shirin, an attendee and Dr. Han)

Post event review on schedule

Post Event Review

Glory, Shirin, Billie, Susmita, Dr. Myers, Dr. Han

First Friday

What is First Friday?

First Friday is a learning community that meets for analytics skill training from 6 PM to 8 PM on the first Friday of each month. The purpose of First Friday is to introduce the latest skills highly needed by the job market, but not yet taught in the classrooms.

How Does It Work?

There are skill training lectures in every First Friday event. Members can join in the lectures on campus, or dial in Google Hangouts online. So, no matter you are an online students or study on campus, First Friday is right for you! There is a designated book for every skill learned on First Friday (Please see the attached PowerPoint). Training lectures are taught by organization members. The faculty advisor assists lecturers during the preparation process.

Why First Friday?

Class learning is subject to time limit. First Friday intends to fill the gap between classrooms and the job market needs. Enhance your knowledge in the popular skills such as database management (Structured Query Language) and cyber security management.

First Friday on February 5 is open to the public. First Friday on March 4 and thereafter is open to the Marketing and Business Analytics Student Organization members only.

The February 5 event is scheduled for 6 PM on February 5, 2016 in room BA 346 on Commerce, Texas campus. If you are an online student or can’t come to campus, watch us live on Google Hangout