Pre Hiring Talk

The MKTBA student organization organized a Pre Hiring event on November 9th 2015 - fall 2015. The purpose of the event was to encourage MKTBA student members to develop and refine the skills needed to approach the job market and to prepare students for the Hiring event on November 11th 2015 hosted by Tech Titans at Richardson, Dallas, TX. The event outlined the essential information students need to approach the job market, and aims to assist students investigate options for alternative job opportunities. It also gave students all the essential information they needed to develop a great resume in a competitive job environment and a valuable opportunity to practice interview questions with your fellow students, facilitated by the Career Services at the College of Business.

Overview of the event:

• What employers look for in a successful interview.
• Quick review of the different interview questions and how to answer them.
• Time to prepare elevator pitches and practice them with fellow students.
• Practice interview questions in groups.
• Debrief of the practice interviews.


• Students learned and understood what employers say about effective resume length, headings, format and referees.
• Students learned how to outline studies, experience and extra-curricular activities for maximum impact and focus content to match job requirements.
• Students learned to avoid the common mistakes and improve their current resume so that they have a better chance of gaining an invitation to a job interview.

Here is what the members have to say about their experience -

Prathiksha Rao Bangady Killur

First year Graduate Student - Business Analytics

"More than applying to Job interview cracking the interview is important. Even though we have enough knowledge about the subject, sometime we fail the interview because of the basic needs recruiter expect from us. Pre-Hiring event was all about the soft skills like what to wear, what to bring, what to say (and what not to say), and what to expect in general. I personally felt happy listing to the comments on my introduction skills by one of the recruiter in the Hiring Expo.

I am very thankful for Ms. Lacy Henderson for such an informative session and MKTBA organization for conducting the event."

Event Pictures

Pre Hiring Event Nov 09 2015 Pre Hiring Nov 09 2015

Pre Hiring Nov 09 2015