Master of Science in Business Analytics

The MS in Business Analytics program is designed to prepare students entering the workforce in the rapidly emerging field of business analytics, which involves collecting, organizing, analyzing, optimizing, and interpreting "Big Data" (huge datasets collected by modern companies) for the purposes of problem solving and decision making. The program is intended to help students identify opportunities hidden in big data and apply these findings to real-world business challenges. Data analysts provide organizations with ideas for smarter strategic management, improved financial performance and better operational efficiencies.  Students will prepare for specific jobs as computer systems analysts, management analysts (business analysts and process analysts), market research analysts, logisticians, and operations research analysts in a wide range of organizations and industries.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics program offers students from business and non-business backgrounds with an opportunity to develop expertise in the art and science of business analytics. Students complete 30-42 hours of graduate courses depending on their backgrounds.
Admission Requirements

Two Year Course Rotation Plan:

MS in Business Analytics Long Range Schedule

Course Catalog Information:

MS in Business Analytics Course Catalog

Note to International Students:

The MS in Business Analytics degree is an approved Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program. International students with the MS in Business Analytics degree are eligible to work for up to 36 months under the Optional Practical Training program. Please contact the International Student Services Office for more details.


Foundation Study in Business Analytics

These courses can be waived for students with appropriate undergraduate coursework.

Course Number Description
BUSA 501 Intro to Business Analytics
ECO 502 Quantitative Analysis for Managers
MKT 501 Marketing Environment
MGT 501 Operations and Organizations

Business Analytics Core

Course Number Description
ECO 595 Research Methods
ECO 578 Statistical Methods
MKT 572 Marketing Research (*Fall Only)
BUSA 542 Applied Decision Modeling
BUSA 526 Database Management
BUSA 532 Data Warehousing
BUSA 537 Advanced Analytics
BUSA 521 Project Management
(Taken your last semester)

Business Analytics Electives

* 6 hours of electives are required

Course Number Description
BUSA 516 Mobile Business
BUSA 523 Business Analytics Programming
BUSA 533** Cyber Security & IT Auditing
BUSA 536** Mobile Security Intelligence
BUSA 539** Cyber Forensics & Info Security Policy Governance
BUSA 541 Global Network Design
MKT 524 Consumer and Buyer Behavior Analytics
MKT 570 Marketing Analytics & Intelligence
MKT 574 Customer Relationship Marketing

**Cyber Security Minor
Course descriptions are located on the Course Catalog

Please contact Sarah Elder, Coordinator 903.468.6051 or Sarah.Elder@tamuc.edu for advising. 

The Department Head is Dr. Chris Myers.
The Director of the College of Business Advising Center is Shanna Hoskison, 866.622.3899.