Master of Science in Marketing

(Effective: Fall 2018)

The Mission of the MS Marketing Program is to provide quality academic and practical learning experiences to equip students with the knowledge to apply the marketing concepts and theories of marketing management, business-to-business (B2B), marketing, international marketing, and marketing research in a variety of organizations (e.g., businesses and not-for-profit organizations). The MS Marketing program is designed to meet the needs of students in order to prepare them for higher level positions in marketing as well as for students who wish to pursue post-masters graduate programs.

The Master of Science in Marketing program offers students from business and non-business backgrounds with an opportunity to develop expertise in the art and science of business marketing. Students complete 30-42 hours of graduate courses depending on their backgrounds.
Admission Requirements

Two Year Course Rotation Plan:

Masters in Marketing Long Range Schedule

Course Catalog Information:

Masters in Marketing Course Catalog


Foundation Study in Marketing 

These courses can be waived for students with appropriate undergraduate coursework.

Course Number Description
ECO 502 Quantitative Analysis for Managers
FIN 501 Finance for Decision Makers
MKT 501 Marketing Environment
MGT 501 Operations and Organizations

CORE COURSES  - 24 Hours

Course Number Description
ECO 595 Applied Business Research
MKT 521 Marketing Management
MKT547 Product Innovation and Supply Chains
MKT 524 Consumer and Buyer Behavior Analytics
MKT 569 Interactive and Digital Marketing
MKT 568 Integrated MKT Communications and Promotions
MKT 572 Marketing Research
MKT 529 Mkt Strategy & Decision Making (Last Semester)

Electives in Marketing - 6 Hours

* 6 hours of electives are required

Course Number Description
MKT 545 Small Business Brand Management
MKT 567 Consumer Marketing
MKT 570* Mkt Analytics & Intelligence
MKT 573^ Internet Marketing
MKT 574* CRM Customer Relationship Marketing
MKT 580*^ Marketing Internship

*Course applicable to the Marketing Analytics Minor 
^ Course applicable to the Digital Marketing Minor

See Course Catalog for course descriptions.