Meet Patel

Class of 2014

Image of Meet Patel

Meet Patel won the Fall 2013 Economics and Finance Society's stock market challenge. Patel is pictured here (left) with the Economic and Finance Society president, Edosa Obaseki. Obaseki awarded the prize of $50 actual cash to reward Patel's outstanding investment record with his virtual cash.

Patel's strategy included discussing his choices with financial advisors and reading articles from stock market analysts. He was heavily invested in the energy sector last year. This year he is switching to the financial sector.

Patel says that his success was based on his willingness to read and do research. He feels like this game is an opportunity for learning. This venue allows him to do experimentation with investing strategies. He is looking forward to this semester's game and feels it will be more challenging because he will be applying what he has learned and testing new theories. He is also using what he learned last year to guide investments of his personal savings in the energy sector.

Patel discussed his investment decisions with family members last year. This year, in addition to the Economics and Finance Society game, he created a game to play with family members using the Investopedia platform. Patel thanked the Department of Economics and Finance and the Economics and Finance Society for sponsoring the game. He was delighted with the $50 prize, but even more so with the opportunity for learning.

The Economics and Finance Society, with financial assistance from Economics and Finance Department faculty, sponsors the contest every semester. The contest is open to all Texas A&M University - Commerce students. Participants have $100,000 of virtual money to invest in the stock market using the Investopedia platform. Investopedia has a number of tutorials, ranging from how to execute basic trades to options and short selling. Interested students are all invited. To join, create an account on From the stimulator link, the game is named, "TAMUC Econ and Finance Society S14" with "GoLions" as the password. The game will end on April 23rd and the prize money will be awarded on May 1st. If you have questions, please contact Frannie Miller at