Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

This program exposes students to many areas of finance. Advanced courses are taken in Financial Management, Investments, Financial Planning, Derivatives, Financial Markets and Institutions, Economics, and Financial Accounting. Students majoring in Finance are encouraged to pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation or Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

Two Year Course Rotation Plan:

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Course Catalog Information:

Earn Your BBA in Finance Course Catalog

Finance majors must complete the lower and upper division requirements listed for the College of Business.

Core Curriculum Requirements

The Core Curriculum is an essential element in the educational process that results in professional success, personal growth, and responsible citizenship. In this process, students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, learn reasoning and communication skills, examine their goals, values, and potentialities, and develop an enduring commitment to learning through both formal and informal educational experiences.

Business Core Requirements

The programs offered by the College of Business (COB) are designed to provide successful academic experiences and to facilitate students abilities to perform responsibly and effectively in their chosen professional roles in business, industry, government, and education. To achieve such success, students must complete the Business Core courses.

Core Curriculum Courses - 42 Hours

See the Core Curriculum Requirements

Business Core Courses - 48 Hours

See the Business Core Requirements

Major Courses - 21 Hours

FIN 450 Financial Modeling in Excel
or FIN 430 Principles of Financial Planning
ECO 331 Intermediate Macroeconomics
or ECO 332 Intermediate Micro Economics
ECO 233 US-Economics of Personal Finance
FIN 312 Money, Banking & Financial Markets
FIN 400 Principles of Investments
FIN 404 Advanced Financial Management
FIN 471 GLB/International Business Finance

Plus 9 SCH from:

Analysis of Financial Derivatives
Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital
Risk, Insurance, and Estate Planning
Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits
Comprehensive Financial Planning and Presentation
Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation
Real Estate Finance

Plus 3 SCH from

Income Tax Accounting
Global Financial Statement Analysis
Accounting Information Systems
Government & Non-Profit Accounting