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BS in Business Administration with minor

The Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) offers students a broad overview of business necessary to succeed within the industry. The B.S.B.A. requires a minor; we encourage students to consider the Interdisciplinary Studies minor as it allows for the choice of elective courses to improve a student's marketability. 

The program is offered in two formats to better suit the needs of our students. A student seeking a B.S.B.A. may complete the upper level coursework either online and/or in a face-to-face format. You will indicate the format you wish to pursue when you speak with your advisor.

The program is ideal for transfer students who have already completed their core education courses from regionally accredited colleges or recognized foreign universities and wish to pursue a broad-based business curriculum. Students may elect to complete their University Studies requirements here, but must be aware that we cannot guarantee all University Studies requirements to be online.

Degree Guide

B.S. in Business Administration w/ Interdisciplinary Minor - Online

Transferable General Education Core

For Initial Transfer Students

Communications (9 semester hours)
English Composition, Two college level courses in English composition.
Speech, One course in public speaking.

Mathematics (3 semester hours)
College algebra or college algebra based business mathematics, or higher level.

Natural Sciences (8 semester hours)
Two laboratory based courses in biological and/or physical science.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (15 semester hours)
History, Two survey courses in American history.
Government, Two American government/political science courses. One course to include a study of both the Texas and United States Constitution.
One course in introductory psychology, sociology, logic, anthropology, economics or a survey of the social sciences dealing only with sociology and economics.

Humanities (3 semester hours)
A sophomore survey course of English, American, World or comparative literature or, one course in mass communications, or introductory philosophy, or general ethics or history of world civilization.

Visual and Performing Arts (3 semester hours)
One course from music history, music literature, art history, or an introductory or survey course in theatre, or music or art or theatre appreciation. Courses in art, music, or theatre fundamentals, theory, or methods, and applied music will not substitute.

Physical Education (2 semester hours)
Any two physical education activity courses or a two semester hour course in Health and Wellness.

Initial Transfer = 43 semester hours
Additional Transferable General Education Core

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Transfer Students

Initial Transfer (43 semester hours) + Business Core (18-21 semester hours)

  • MATH 176 Math for Bus. Applications II (Texas Common Course Numbering System= MATH 1325 or 2413) 
  • MIS 128 Business Computer Systems (Texas Common Course Numbering System= COSC XXXX) 
  • ACCT 221 Principles of Accounting I (Texas Common Course Numbering System= ACCT 2301 or 2401) 
  • ACCT 222 Principles of Accounting II (Texas Common Course Numbering System= ACCT 2302 or 2402) 
  • ECO 231 Principles of Macro Economics (Texas Common Course Numbering System= ECON 2301) 
  • ECO 232 Principles of Micro Economics (Texas Common Course Numbering System= ECON 2302)

Transfer to BSBA = 61-64 semester hours