Master of Science in Marketing


The Mission of the MS Marketing Program is to provide quality academic and practical learning experiences to equip students with the knowledge to apply the marketing concepts and theories of marketing management, business-to-business (B2B), marketing, international marketing, and marketing research in a variety of organizations (e.g., businesses and not-for-profit organizations). The MS Marketing program is designed to meet the needs of students in order to prepare them for higher level positions in marketing as well as for students who wish to pursue post-masters graduate programs.

The Master of Science in Marketing program offers students from business and non-business backgrounds with an opportunity to develop expertise in the art and science of business marketing. Students complete 30-36 hours of graduate courses depending on their backgrounds.
Admission Requirements

Program Format

Thirty-six hours of graduate credit are required for students without undergraduate preparation in marketing. However, students with appropriate previous coursework can waive one or both of the foundation courses.

Foundation Study in Marketing and Management - 6 hours

These 2 pre-requisite courses can be waived for students with appropriate undergraduate coursework.

1) MKT 501 Marketing Environment
2) Mgt 501 Operations and Organizations
3) Fin 501  Finance for Decision Makers

Support Coursework Outside of Marketing - 6 hours

Fin 504      Financial Management
Mgt 585     Management Skills Development

Advanced Breadth in Marketing Management - 15 hours

MKT 521     Marketing Management
MKT 571     Business-to-Business Marketing
MKT 572     Seminar in Marketing Research
MKT 586     International Marketing
Mgt 527     Strategic Management (taken last semester)

Research Component - 3 hours

BA 595      Applied Business Research

Specialized Courses in Marketing - 6 hours (choose 2)

MKT 568    Advertising and Promotion
MKT 573    Internet Marketing
MKT 597    Topics in Marketing

Other graduate courses may be approved by the Director of Graduate Programs In Business and Technology, provided the student has a minimum of six courses (18sh) in Marketing.

For program specific questions please contact:MSM@tamuc.edu (Joe Stauffer)

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