School Librarian Certification

Approved by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).

This Certification is only within the State of Texas.

Through Texas A&M University-Commerce Department of Higher Education and Learning Technology. The School Librarian Certification is for the State of Texas only.

School Librarian certification in the state of Texas includes 4 components -- completion of an SBEC-approved school library certification program, a passing score on the TExES (test  #150), a Master's degree, and 2 years classroom teaching experience.  The SBEC approved certification program at Texas A&M University-Commerce offers two options - one for persons already having a Master's degree, and the second for persons who do not yet have one.   The Master's can be in any field, but all certification courses  listed below must be completed.

This program (certification and Master's) is for the preparation of school librarians (EC-12), and does not apply to other types of librarianship.

Persons wishing to pursue School Librarian certification need to do the following:

  1. Apply to the Graduate School by completing the online Graduate Admissions Application.

    If you already have a Master's degree, select "Educator Certification (State K-12)" as the APPLICATION TYPE.  For ENROLLMENT TERM AND PROGRAM> select TCRT (the only option). -- school librarian is a professional certification for K-12.  :-)

    If you do not have a Master's, select "Master's Degree Application" as the APPLICATION TYPE.  Under ENROLLMENT TERM AND PROGRAM select "MS-Educational Tech/Library Science".

    Although your Master's could be in a different field, all of the certification courses may not apply for other degrees, so be sure to check with an advisor in that field to see what may count.
  2. Apply for admission to the Professional Certification Program, by completing the online Professional Certification Program Application and following instructions about items to be submitted. Then submit all required documentation and the certification processing fee, as described on those pages (see #4, below).  Remember that you will need to print out the confirmation form to send (or bring) in with your other materials (specified on that page).
  3. Contact Program Advisor to set up a certification plan, and a Master's degree plan if needed.  All certification courses count toward our Master's; some certification courses may (or may not) be used on Master's degree plans in other areas -- check with advisor.
  4. Send your certification plan, along with the documentation from #2 (above), to the Educator Certification office It will be processed after that office has received all of your information.
  5. Complete all coursework, with a minimum GPA of 3.0.  It is suggested that you complete the certification courses listed below (in the box) first; you are eligible to take the TExES after completing all 7 certification courses.  Then, if you do not yet have a Master's degree, you will need to complete the courses for your Master's before you can apply for certification.  Through our program, you can earn an MS or an MEd by completing the additional courses shown below the table.

The required core library certification courses (in the TAMU-C program) are as follows:

  • LIS 540
Administration of the School Library
  • LIS 515
Cataloging and Classification
  • LIS 524
Developing General and Specialized Collections
  • LIS 527
Books and Related Materials for Children and Young Adults
  • *LIS 550
Practicum in the Library Media Center
  • LIS 512
Information, Reference, and Radiographic Services
  • ETEC 579
 Administration of Educational Technology Programs

*LIS 550, the library practicum, is  to be taken after all other courses listed above.

The following additional courses are required for our Master's in Educational Technology-Library Science (ETLS):

ETEC 524, 561, 562;HIED 595 and ETEC or other elective selected in consultation with an advisor.
(courses listed for reference only -- check with advisor about your specific degree plan)

  1. Apply to take the TExES (#150) by contacting our certification office at 903-886-3082 and they will get your information and tell you the procedure.  Take (and pass) the TExES 150. If you already have your Master's, go on to step #8.
  2.  If you have not completed your Master's, take the remaining classes for the degree. At the start of your last semester of course work, apply for graduation (through your myLeo account), and  contact your advisor about comprehensive exams.  Be sure to do this at the very beginning of your last semester, in order to meet the graduation application and comps deadlines.
  3. After all requirements have been met (with a minimum GPA of 3.0), apply for certification at the Center for Educator Certification Page by following the instructions there.

Remember:  This program is restricted to preparation of school librarians, and does not apply to other types of librarianship.

For more information, contact

Dr. Anjum Najmi