Doctor of Higher Education Leadership HELD 90 Semester Hour Program

Higher Education Leadership  (HELD)

1.  Major and electives requires 39 semester hours (NOT including dissertation hours) from the following:

HIED 528 **

Philosophy of Education

HIED 540 **

American Community College

HIED 541 **

Community College Curriculum

HIED 542 **

Analysis of Teaching in Higher Education

HIED 543 **

Issues in Adult & Developmental Education

HIED 621 **

Effective Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

HIED 622 **


HIED 627 **

History of Higher Education in the United States

HIED 628 **

Survey of Developmental Education

HIED 637 **

Institutional Effectiveness and Outcomes Assessment

HIED 640 **

Policymaking in Higher Education

HIED 641 **

Higher Education Reform in the United States and Texas

HIED 642 **

Higher Education Reforms in Texas

HIED 650

Advanced Practicum in Supervision and Instruction

HIED 651

Curriculum Development in Higher Education

HIED 653

Fundamental Theories in Community College Instructional Leadership

HIED 654

Seminar in Instructional Leadership

HIED 655

Issues in Higher Education

HIED 656

Higher Education and the Law

HIED 657

Organization and Governance in Higher Education

HIED 658

Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education

HIED 659

Finance in Higher Education

HIED 670

Diversity in Higher Education

HIED 710 **

Research Colloquium

** core courses

2.  12 semester hours of research tools:
            3 semester hours of methodology, (HIED 695)
            3 semester hours of statistics, (HIED 617)
            3 semester hours of qualitative methods, (HIED 696)
            3 semester hours of advanced qualitative or
             quantitative methods, (HIED 698 and HIED 619)

3.  Plus a minimum of 9 semester credit hours of HIED 718 (Dissertation)

4.  Plus a minor:

Requires 30 semester hours completed in one field outside the major or in two fields outside the major with at least four courses in each area.  Courses completed for the master’s degree may be counted in the minor area.

The student must complete 90 semester hours beyond the bachelor’s degree, including dissertation.
A maximum of 12 hours taken before admission may be counted on degree.

  Undergraduate overall GPA of 2.75 or 3.00 on the last 60 undergraduate hours or a 3.40 on all master’s work and beyond, an acceptable GRE score, vita and references.

RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS:  Forms can be accessed HERE.

HIED Doctoral Handbook: Higher Education (HIED) Doctoral Studies Guidebook

For information email Dr. Charlotte Larkin, Department of Educational Leadership: