Math and Science Teacher Preparation Program

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is LeoTeach?

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An initiative offered collaboratively by the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) and the Colleges of Science, Engineering, and Agriculture to recruit and train secondary Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Teachers. Initially in the COEHS led by Dr. Frank Young, an oceanographer, the program now resides in the Curriculum & Instruction Department. LeoTeach is modeled after UTeach, a highly innovative program at the University of Texas at Austin that has enjoyed unprecedented success recruiting and training secondary STEM teachers. More information at

Kit Price Blount was hired as LeoTeach Director in August, 2013.

Donna Tavener served as the LeoTeach advisor when the initiative was launched and rejoined when it moved to the C&I Department in the spring of 2013.  STEM majors who had previously worked with her said, “You’re back!!”  And, “Please don’t disappear again.”

Why is the program called LeoTeach?

The founder of Texas A&M University-Commerce (originally East Texas Normal College in 1889) was William Leonidas Mayo, who gave his name to Lion athletics. Those who subscribe to Dr. Mayo’s creed of “ceaseless industry, fearless investigation, unfettered thought, and unselfish service to others” are invited to join the STEM  teaching profession through the LeoTeach program.

More information on the history and traditions of TAMU-C may be found here.

What does the LeoTeach Director do?Instructors discussing

  • Teaches teacher preparation courses modeling best practices for learning.
  • Teams with other math or sciences teachers and teacher educators in C&I departmental teams, field-based centers and with CoSEA LeoTeach coordinators to enhance and align coursework and programs internally and externally.
  • Teams with center coordinators, public school partners, and ¡Profes! to recruit substantial numbers of quality STEM teacher candidates.
  • Publishes responsive research findings from public school districts and the LeoTeach Professional Learning Community (C&I and CoSEA faculty, school district partners, mentors, and pre-service teachers).

What does the LeoTeach Advisor do?Asking questions during classroom presentation

  • Prompts math, science, engineering, technology majors to remember the teachers who made a difference in their lives and consider playing that role for others.
  • Helps STEM majors who have a heart for teaching obtain their teacher certification in a timely manner.
  • Counsels those who have not previously considered teaching as they explore the benefits of having a teaching certificate to complement other credentials.
  • Collaborates with C&I and CoSEA faculty members to find
  • Provides expert advice when scheduling issues and other snags crop up.
  • Responds warmly to e-mails, telephone calls, and pop-in visits.

What is $$ for Scholars?

A yearly competition begun in 2013 that encourages those majoring in STEM fields to consider teaching as complementary to their primary major, students compete for tuition grants by writing an essay.