Math and Science Teacher Preparation Program


Comments about the Engineering & Technology TAMU-Commerce Pre-service STEM Teacher Workshop (May 13-17, 2013).

“The workshop has given multiple examples of things of interest to my future science students, and sparked my interest to continue to research and examine the engineering fields so I can help put more real life examples into my lessons.  After dealing with the Boe-Bots, I hope I can help or lead a robotics.  Along with the multiple experiences inside the workshop, I’ve been able to increase my circle of contacts with actual engineers at L3, alumni from Texas A&M University-Commerce, as well as a lead robotics club coach.   If given the opportunity, I would highly encourage future math and science teachers to attend similar workshops.”
Pre-Service Teacher Participant

“This program is the game-changer to enable all children the opportunity to become engineers.  Engineers do not create engineers – math and science teachers do.  This is the best program that I have seen to date. It puts real engineers as trainers to show how to deal with real people and enable them to grow to their greatest potential. Absolutely amazing! “
Industry Engineer Volunteer

“This program inspires our future teachers and empowers them to share the critical message of engineering career paths with countless future students.  This incredible event connects current engineers with college students who intend to teach in math, science and related fields.  Districts employ passionate and dedicated educators who desire to assist and motivate students towards engineering career paths.  This event equips the teachers with the tools needed to accomplish the task. “
ISD Superintendent